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Full Version: Patching extra functionality into <gamemd.exe>
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Thought I'd start the thread so we have somewhere to discuss this great work.
In case it got lost in the closing, I've put up an editable wishlist here.
I'll be following this for certain.. as for SWs, maybe it would be enabled to make SWs just to be real weapons that are fired. If you had say 4 of those simple SWs you could do a lot. Also personally id lik to see drain weapon to work as ranged weapon..
Presumably there's no need to bring over the posts from the old thread as I'm sure anything important has been remembered.

In the meantime, here's a teaser pic:

[Image: Image1.jpg]
Daeda: Add it to the wishlist. Smile

Marsh: I don't have to get point 3, do I? Big Grin Yet, it does look good, great work.
Patch 3 is just an example of how future patches may be incorporated into the program. [For the test version, patch 2 & 3 are identicle.]
Thread II got killed as well...

Oh well, that was to be expected.
It looks like people worry about legal there Blah

Anyway, how about adding new diffrent paradrop types? You know, not just Amer, Sov, All and Third but few new? And do you think it is possible to enable tank(in voxel form) paradrop by editing (better call it editing Tongue) gamemd.exe ?
Speeder, wishes should be added to the Wishlist Wink (I already added the unit-paradrop request there).


I've added another, better argued post to 'The End' pointing out that its a bit late to be worried about violations to the EULA since RA2 Deezire itself is clearly in violation withoug any exe hacking.
$10 says he's locking it.
Hi, Im Drizzt Do'Urden from CNC-SOURCE and the mod leader of Scorpion's Revenge. This new patching thing opens many doors for my team.

Right now, I can't get to the wishlist, is the link broken?

Anyway, can someone add these to the wish list?

Better Debris Logic.

I have been experimenting with the debris and found that you could probably make half-ass destruction animations for tanks using the system, right now its impossible because you can't make 1 of each voxel debris spawn, and they spawn at random.


I'd like to expand on the debris stuff.

The current setup is very flawed. It doesn't allow "lingering" debris. My first invisonment was: The Unit is destoryed, and a debris of its body is spawned, and it doesn't have any velocity, it just sits there. and the turret, which is spawned, pops off, and it blows up, and the body blows up. making a really cool destrction animation.

THis is not possible.

A debris must have velocity behinde it, and no value except Elaticity can be set at "0"
There for a lingering debris is not possible.
Also, the debris acts much like a bouncy ball, if the debris stops "bouncing" it is automatically destroyed, reguardless of the duration setting.

And yet another flaw.

You can't specify that only one of each voxel will spawn, it worked in TIBSUN, but it doesn't work now. and you cannot specify that the debris will spawn every time.

Therefore, you sometimes get 2 turrets flying off and no body.


Also, It would be great to re-enable the Carryall, and allow it to be used with the jumpjet locomotors. This would allow a more realistic Hind, and a more realistic carryall.

Quote:Sorry if any of these things are repeats on the list. I can't get to it ATM.

I've added this stuff to the wish list.
I think it might be an idea to keep discussion on new things that are going to need a lot of research to a minimum for the time being. The wish list is a great thing for biding our time so I would be inclined to let pd do what he wants, one step at a time.
Like I said before, it may seem to pd that the "vultures are circling". We want him to be a senior member of the community and we don't want to overwhelm or push him too much.
That said, dunno if he's following us to Renegade's place here. If we haven't heard anything from him within the next few days I'll drop him a line.


I agree with Marshall here, lets stick to the stuff that is within the realms of near term possibility here for now. for example true air to air dog fights and radically altered debris isn't going to happen IMO for the simple reason that it alters too many behaviours in the engine and will likely break other things to make work...remember we might actually want to play the game and not worry about getting an IE for something that used to work.

P.S. we'll see what comes of the discussions with The End, I'm going to take them to private messages for now. There is clearly a strong mis-understanding of what a hacker is or does. This worries me because it has a wider implication for how hacking activities are percieved in the (many) cases where they are permitted by law, but certain special interest groups wish they weren't.
Well, at least fix the carryall logic :huh:

And the line that no longer works


USED to work, it worked in Tiberian Sun. So the code may be there. Course I have no idea about EXE files.

Could you not easily make a code that made a minimum for each voxel?

I'd be happy with that! Wink