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  IRC channel replacement [Freenode hostile takeover]
Posted by: Renegade - 15.06.2021, 22:53:08 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - Replies (1)

As of today, #RenProj on Freenode is no longer considered to be an official channel.

We were aware of Andrew Lee's fuckery and had already decided to move to Matrix, but we had not anticipated the Crown Idiot of Korea to randomly annihilate the entire network.

As announced on Launchpad previously, we are now using the Matrix protocol.
You can either point your own client at #renproj:renegadeprojects.com or use the new webchat.

Please do mind the channel description, it is updated similar to how the channel topic on IRC was.

  Cleanse, Purge, Kill
Posted by: Renegade - 03.01.2015, 15:58:54 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - No Replies

It has been a while since I did this, and since it was a year of calm contemplation for this forum, I skipped the usual grace period and simply removed most of the accounts with zero posts.

I did skip those who were active recently, on account that they might be lurkers.

Should you be an actual, non-spamming human and your account got caught, I am very sorry, please do re-register.

You should, however, ponder the fact that your account looked identical to a spambot. Wink

If there are any questions about this, go right ahead.

  Upcoming Server Move
Posted by: Renegade - 27.08.2011, 09:24:49 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - Replies (10)

Since last night's maintenance didn't exactly go satisfactorily, I have ordered a server with the upgrades already in place, and we'll be moving to that server ASAP, probably on this weekend. (I already have the login data.)

In the ideal case, users will not be affected save for a few lock-down measures right before it happens.

  Scheduled Maintenance
Posted by: Renegade - 26.08.2011, 20:08:00 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - Replies (1)

Sorry for the short notice, but our server will be undergoing some maintenance at 20:30 CEST, that is, in 23 minutes.

This is a routine upgrade that I expect to go automatically and painlessly, but even in that case, there will be a server reboot and the associated few minutes of downtime.

Should shit happen, this will take longer. Grise mine

  Happy New Year!
Posted by: Renegade - 01.01.2011, 06:06:07 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - Replies (3)

Happy New Year everyone! Smile

  Cleanse, Purge, Kill
Posted by: Renegade - 31.12.2010, 13:56:05 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - No Replies

Yes, you're seeing right - it's that time of the year again!

After our fall cleaning already reduced the amount of junk in the database, it's time for the annual beginning-of-the-year cleaning on Sunday, January 2, 2011.

In case you are unfamiliar with the process, it's pretty simple: I'll remove all user accounts here and on the tracker which have never been used to post, to reduce database sizes and free up nicknames for other users.

All you have to do to escape is post once, there will be no further warning.

  Merry Christmas
Posted by: Renegade - 25.12.2010, 12:31:34 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - Replies (1)

Merry Christmas everyone!

  Cleanse, Purge, Kill
Posted by: Renegade - 11.09.2010, 03:05:28 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - Replies (1)

Yes, it's that time again!
While I'm a little early to call it "annual", I figure the server move is a good time to weed out unused accounts.

On the 16th of September, 5 days from now in my time zone, I will purge all unused accounts both on the forums as well as the bugtracker.

Usage on the forums will be determined by post count, so if you're a lurker, just post in response here once, and you're good.

I believe there are some double accounts, where one has registered one account, forgotten the password, and registered a second, slightly different account that's in use. If that is the case for you, post here with both account names and I'll try to merge them.
I have no desire to kick out legitimate users, but both services accumulate boatloads of unused spammer and lurker accounts, and all they do is take up space and block account names for those who'd make better use of them.

If you are a real user, do something with your account so we know.

  Server Move Over
Posted by: Renegade - 10.09.2010, 04:28:41 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - No Replies

While there is still some backend stuff I have to set up for us admins, for the end users, especially Ares-users, normal state should be restored.
DNS changes propagated almost instantly (love the modern internet), web data migration went flawlessly, bugtracker and forum software were updated, and I just made sure Ares/Syringe branches for Launch Base are properly updated again.

Please take note that I finally removed the legacy Launch Base Ares version propagation system. If you haven't done so yet, update your Launch Base.
Launch Base with branch support has been out for three months, and there have been two additional updates since, so if you're still working with a version without branch support, you're way outdated anyway.
Update already.

As said, the previous server state should mostly be restored, and I didn't find any problems yet - if you do find glitches, note them here.

I will use this opportunity for some additional changes, so it's possible there's a bump here and there, but that should be the exception.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience cause, and enjoy your stay on Renegade Projects!

  Heads-Up: Server Move
Posted by: Renegade - 09.09.2010, 04:01:56 - Forum: Propaganda Tower - No Replies

A few of you (especially those closer to the admin/hosting/server circles of RenProj) may have noticed that I've been doing a little "house cleaning" on the server recently.

The reason for this is simple: Within the next 7 days, we will move to a new server.
There's nothing exciting or dramatic about it, we've simply been using an older line of our host's server offerings for a while, and thanks to my house cleaning, we can finally upgrade to their current line. The vast, vast, vast majority of you will not notice a difference.

The actual move should be quick and painless, as it has been the previous times - I'll set up the new server first, and, once everything is up and running, will simply re-point the domains. You'll look at the old server one day and at the new one the next day.

The only reason you'll know it happens at all is because I will disable server services once the move is imminent, to ensure no new data is uploaded to the old server after the move.

There should be no issues with this, however, since we have some custom stuff installed (e.g. Launch Base packages for Ares branches), and since I'll use the chance to update the software we're using, there might be a glitch here and there. Please report those asap so we can fix them.

Our IRC channel is on an entirely independent IRC network and should be functional the whole time. Among the briefly disrupted services will be:

  • These forums
  • Subversion
  • The bugtracker
Launch Base downloads should continue to work the entire time, the only way those could get screwed up is if the new server tries to update the files before it's actually ready to do so. But that's unlikely.

As said, overall, few of you should notice anything but the brief deactivation.
I can't give you an exact time-frame of when the move will happen, simply because I don't know yet how quickly our host will set up the new machine, and how "friendly" the new server will be, but from past experience with both, it's entirely possible it'll happen within the next 24 hours.

I will announce when the move was completed both in this thread as well as a new post.
We may use this event to tinker with a few things on the server, but that will happen after the move and is technologically unrelated.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused,

Edit 12 minutes later: Just got my login data for the new server. Expect the move within the next 24 hours.
Edit 24 hours later: All went well and normal state for end users should be back.