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How do you load custom rules ini into DCoder's A.I. Editor?
How do you load custom ini rules into DCoder's A.I. Editor? I've loaded the YR 1.001 ini into the editor no problem. But when I load my ini rulesmd (based off the UMP Developer's Pack) I get a "not a valid rules(md) ini file".

Which is strange because those rules work perfectly when I insert them into standard YR. Is the program designed only to read and edit the rules of the standard game?

Thanks people and I'd appreciate the help.

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It's a known problem that I've been too lazy to fix Tongue
Marshall added a comment on the [BuildingTypes] line, move it to a different line or delete it. In other words, make sure that the section headers [General], [InfantryTypes], [VehicleTypes], [AircraftTypes] and [BuildingTypes] don't have any comments on them.

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Excellent! Thanks, I apprieciate the help!

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