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0.3 Features
Issue 398: New weapon options: Cloak. and Decloak. link
This an interesting weapon idea and I can see a few examples:
-A weapon that can shroud one or more friendly unit for a while so it can explore an area without being attacked.
-A superweapon that can detect and temporarily reveal unit(s) under a certain radius, much like the sonar pulse from RA1 but with any cloaked unit not just submarines.
-A superweapon that can cloak a handful of units and ambush an enemy base (though the enemy can risk using AoE units just to wipe them out).

Issue 634: Factories producing different units. link
With the possibility of bringing back a fully working kennel from RA1 and bringing in flexibility of where units are produced, it's on high demand.

Issue 453: Rewrite the crate bonus
Rewriting this gives users more control on how things inside crates are handled in terms of appearance.
I can use this to add secret units (this includes infantry) acquired only by picking up crates or even add deadly traps for greedy players who searches for crates almost every time in a game.
#17 - Savegames don't work in skirmish mode. Saving is ok, but loading a savegame always results in an IE: THE Regression of Ares. A Version 0.1+this is better then a Version 0.3 by the original schedule (At least to me).

I know this is a very (VERY) (SUPER VERY) complex bug, but it's worth (for most people) all of V0.2 and more.

If 423 does not take 3 devs all release time (which is unlikely), or the devs prefer to work on smaller issues (more likely), then these would be nice: - More than two weapons on a unit Would be a nice feature, and the dewestwoodization of TechnoClass::SelectWeapon would make issues like 1047 and 1042 very easy to implement (if gatling's only problem is TechnoClass::SelectWeapon, then it will probably be fixed by the method's rewrite, and if cursor selection is handled by TechnoClass::SelectWeapon, then 1042 will require some modification of the rewritten SelectWeapon (easy), some Command & Network code (easy), and hooks into "Unselect" and "NewMission" (medium). Heck, if DCoder had found some hooks into Unselect and NewMission, even I cloud do it easily.). - Add a "Guard area" or "Combat Air Patrol" feature ACS +59. Enough said. - Ammo on Weapons If someone manages to do the pipshandling sanely, and (especially) incorporate ReloadRate inside, this would also fix 972 (which is a supported issue).

... okay, once I get. But especially after Blade's response, it should have been clear.
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(01.06.2011, 05:43:25)kenosis Wrote: Oh damn don't be disgraced again!

(25.06.2011, 20:42:59)Nighthawk Wrote: The proverbial bearded omni-bug may be dead, but the containment campaign is still being waged in the desert.
I'm going to quote two things, and I think some people should edit their posts in response: (much like I did, I moved mine down to something big, something small, and something in between)

Quote:Now, what will we load onto these developers? 1 small feature and 1 big feature each, or, alternatively, 1 system - where "system" would be a conglomerate of multiple issues on the same topic. EMP would be such an example, or a collection of RMG improvements, things like that.

Quote:Also keep in mind that certain issues have been postponed for a reason - while we will focus on what the community wants, shouting for fixed savegames in 0.3 is a futile exercise. It's just not gonna happen.
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I say 3 issues in the DFD worth a reconsider are:

[0000730] TS Missile feature[Image include]
[0001030] Re-Implementing TreeFires?
[0000607] Enable Storage= on buildings.
[Image: darkstormsmall.png]
Custom Radiation for sure. As far as I'm aware, it's mostly written... or it was when I last had the Ares trunk.

Make the units fire two weapons at same time is a huge one I would like to see. The merits have been discussed in the DFD.

Ammo on Weapons definitely. This, literally, goes hand in hand with #504.

Combat Air Patrol would be a huge leap forward. Like stated in the DFD, it would take aircraft from secondary assault to potential primary assault. Aircraft are already cumbersome enough to use, combat patrol would make them much, much easier to use.
I'm what Willis was talkin' about.
Custom palette for animations and custom radiation have big support from the community, so I think they should be added.
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Ok, I've updated my post on page 1, I'm now simply voting for the 6 features I want the most. They probably exceed the limit of total work required, but several of them most likely won't make it into 0.3 either way, so I guess it's ok.
Deploy Logic ftw!
Wide support
why bother vouching for issues to get into 0.3 if you know most of them won't get into 0.3?
Not give up little hope,if we think it should be get into.There is our purpose.
(20.10.2010, 15:51:36)WoRmINaToR Wrote: why bother vouching for issues to get into 0.3 if you know most of them won't get into 0.3?
The same reason for vouching for things during the DFD - popular support. If nobody vouches for these things then obviously most of them won't reach the light of day.
(16.10.2010, 01:25:11)Guest Wrote: Deploy Logic ftw!
Wide support

that was me, 2 lazy 2 login
Anyway lets discuss deploy logic(allow anything to deploy to anything)(not mutch is going on in this thread anyway).
Do every one agree that it open many of new opportunities(just think, really it opens alot)?
Should it be added to 0.3? When VK presentet Deploy Logic for NPAE(which didnt made it to the release), it was well supported.

Share your opinion please!
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I think you forgot to read the first post in this thread fully. Also, "this feature should be added to Ares because NPatch was going to have this feature" is not an argument that the developers are likely to accept for a feature.
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more NP features aren't added to Ares,more reason modders don't use Ares instead of "NP"

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