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Journey's End
Hi all! It's been a long time. I just wanted to say that though my site here at Strategy-X is gone, my old reliable (and questionable) Angelfire site is still up, and I updated it today - you can actually download the Final version of the mod there. You'll find it at:

Note that the final version is *the same* as the previously released "Preview" edition of the mod. The reason is simple - the preview version was a release candidate, and it's passed. There is nothing to add or take away from it - I am satisfied Big Grin There are no major bugs - only minor unfixable glitches that affect many mods and that you won't notice easily. The planned "User Manual" is still not in the final version - and until I get some kind of wicked inspiration to write it, it probably won't happen.

So this is the end. The mod will outlast the work I did on it... if the emails I still get mean anything. I can finally say now that I officially retire from modding, and that probaby goes for not just Yuri's Revenge but all games. I may return to modding in the future but right now, my interest in modding games has faded and it's part of my past... my interests now are different. All part of growing up I guess... I'm still a gamer though, and always will be Smile

I've made many friends over the last ...5-6 years? Wow. It's been a great journey and well worth it. Though I will not work on my mod again, I will still hang around these forums and my Angelfire site from time to time. I ask that Renegade/DCoder keep the WR Forums and the Gaming Forums open for as long as STX is around - even though my site will never be restored here at STX.

Thank you all Smile
If anyone wishes to contact me other than through these forums, please drop me an email at

Now I'm off to play Kane's Wrath. Peace through power!

- Whiteboy.

Would people posting here with mod questions or such be wasting their time, or are you actually going to visit and reply sometimes?

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Well I plan to make the WR forums part of my list of homepages in Firefox, so I cannot escape it Wink

well good luck. and I hope that someday you will return to the fold Wink

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I don't know.. in the grand scale of things, modding, C&C... gaming itself is insignificant.

It was fun to be apart of this bro. Again I appreciate the friendship and fun we had on the way. Goodluck!

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Hehe thanks man. Yeah it's been a lot of fun. I even miss tweaing with the rules file sometimes - I used to scribble ideas and stuff down on paper at work and then put them into the mod. Those days are gone now... and replaced with girls and guitars! Wooo!


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