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HopalongTom's Adventure in Cyrodiil
Warning, Large images 1024x768 pixels!

Its about time I used this space so here it is, me adventuring in the game Oblivion!

[Image: manuellabour.jpg]
Me Farming, boring yes but have to earn money somehow when your a crap lv1.

[Image: Earlyhorseride.jpg]
Can afford some armer, and a horse, now to get into the action.

[Image: cortingthecountess.jpg]
An Audience with the countess of Anvil.

[Image: Arenawin.jpg]
Fighting in the Arena.

[Image: Swimmingwithhorse.jpg]
New Armer, crossing river.

[Image: MustsaveKav.jpg]
A recently sacked Town, I come to help the city guard defeat who remains of the attackers!

[Image: FirstSignalStone.jpg]
The Stone that binds the portal of Oblivion to our world!

More later...

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
what type of game is that?

Its a First person RPG, the farming and bowing in front of the countess pics were mucking about with the animations with a mod. Tongue

[Image: Killmyprettys2.jpg]
My Summoned Deadroths (dinosaur demon things), fighting skeletons!

[Image: SiglelKeep.jpg]
The Tower that holds the Siglel Stone!

[Image: RidingScrappy1.jpg]
Scrappy the Racing Guar! Big Grin

Now back to my adventuring!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]

I'm trying to upload more but my internet is way slow today, maybe its something to do with the snow outside?

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
I have returned to Cyrodiil, To "The Imperial City Arena"!

[Image: ScreenShot4.jpg]
Charge, to victory!

[Image: ScreenShot5.jpg]
He had an accident! Shift eyes

[Image: ScreenShot7-1.jpg]
She did too!

What? You mean to say my sword did that? I've never been so insulted! Rolling eyes

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Nice sword. Shame you can't play online and use it better Tongue


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