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Getting dirty with the Wii...
Today at work, I sensed a divine presence. And verily, my instincts were proved true: the Wii had arrived in our storeroom ready for selling two days ahead of today (on the 7th)!

Naturally I got a bit excited - I had waited for this day - so I started snapping low quality photos with my low-quality phone camera.

Here's a few. I would have loved to take more, but it IS work and apparently, I wasn't actually working as such at that time, according to my boss. Wonder how he reached that synopsis.

[Image: 05-12-06_1212.jpg]
Ooh, what's this?

[Image: 05-12-06_1217.jpg]
The storeroom guy, who was too ashamed to be seen as a Wii-charged nerd on the internet. I find his lack of faith disturbing.

[Image: 05-12-06_1218.jpg]
A pic of the Wii Play bundle sitting on top of the delivery box it came in - note the date. Two days before official NZ release. w00t!

[Image: 05-12-06_1219_edited.jpg]
And finally, a better pic of Wii Play, complete with myself holding it up for you all to see. Yes, I'm that handsome.. actually, I felt I had to hide my identity from the inevitable hoard of muggers/murderers/n00bs out there who would undoubtedly either steal my mod assets, chase me for an autograph, or just kill me for dangling a Wiimote in their face when they can't afford one or even buy one yet for that matter.

We only received 9 Wii consoles, and 9 Wii Play bundles, but we will be getting the games and more accessories for the launch. We never did have an official kiosk to display it - indeed, there's only ONE in the whole of New Zealand they say - but I'm insisting that we set up a demo one anyway. So I can customers can play it all day.

Now then, after having played and being addicted to Wii Sports Tennis at an expo on the 11th of November, I have to say I'm really getting tense waiting for the release. I'll have my own Wii on my hands in roughly 25 hours from now... so if I seem to have vanished from these forums for a few days, you'll know what's going on Big Grin

Peace out, and Viva la Revolution Cool

*#@$%, I nearly got one today, but all the consoles in South West Wales have been preordered allready!

Must find internet site selling one that isn't a scam!!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Hmm, you always seems to think that all internet shopping sites are "scams". Same as my Dad really... he won't give his credit card number to *any* sites, even Amazon.

Ah well, good luck finding one Tom, there has got to be one still unsold *somewere*...

Its like getting the 360 all over again!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
lol, yeah...

but I'm pretty sure Nintendo has manufactured a lot more Wiis than 360's for the launch period. It's just that there's a lot more demand for the Wii, especially when you consider than in Japan the Wii is huge, but the 360 is practically dead. This became clear to me today as I went to work, and the first thing I see is a huge crowd gathering around our in-store Wii demo unit, and two sales people selling a Wii console. This was after launch day - now we are sold out of the console! Well, apart from our precious display unit... which attracts crowds all day long...

My local game store (I say local but its two towns away), hasn't got a display unit Unhappy or any left for sale!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
It's a similar situation here in NZ Unhappy

Ah, but this is good news. It means the Wii is a huge hit. I get people asking about it everyday at work now, so that backs it up too Big Grin

I had finally got the Wii just the other day, been a bit busy to post my joy but now i rest.... HappyBig Grin.......

Games wait for nobody, They are there to be played.
You really got one? Nice! Like a bonus Xmas present. Now you just need that Nintendo Wi-Fi USB adapter... it works with both the DS and the Wii. What games did you get?

For the Wii i got Wii sports ( only cuz it came with the pack ) and according to my ( brilliant ) calculations i won't be getting another Wii game until my birthday. ( which is October by the way )

Games wait for nobody, They are there to be played.
maybe you should buy something, i heard from my uncle that wiisports, and wiiplay are kinda like tutorials on how to use the wiimote.

Yea, i would buy something but i have no money and still owe my parents lyk another $160, meaning ( as i said earlier ) it would take me till my B-day in October to pay my parents off and have enough money to get a gameUnhappy

Games wait for nobody, They are there to be played.
you can't get a lof of money then :S

well, yea. I am only old enough for an extremely low paying job delivering and folding

Games wait for nobody, They are there to be played.
I say... go for it! Or do what I did and sell parts of your lunch for pennies...

Bob, your Uncle's right. Sure they aren't "in your face" tutorials like "hi! welcome to the Wii remote tutorial!", but they do have a sort of learning theme running in them, despite them still being games. I can say however that Wii Sports is more of a game, where Wii Play is a series of small games with each one focusing on a specific remote action/feature, thus giving it a strong feeling of a tutorial-style thing.

Then there's Zelda. No tutorial at all, just a fantastic game to dive into headfirst!


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