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Site Development
EUREKA. Took me most of the night, but I finally got some things sorted out:

● Members can now upload an avatar. This didn't work previously.

● From now on, anyone can vote in polls. Not just members. I've made a new poll (look that way >>> ), and shifted the old poll (over there <<< ). From now on, all old polls (or perhaps just the most recent old poll) will appear on the site, along with my own comments about it.

● I have added a Guestbook. So leave a nice comment about the site/mod there, because if you don't I'm going to delay the mod another year... just kidding Tongue 2

● I've designed the basic structure of a few pages, namely the FAQs page and the New Units & Structures pages. No content yet, but at least I have my work cut out for me now.

Now I plan to get on with writing this user manual, as well as uploading screenshots and movies of the final Beta to the site... I start a new job in a week, so things might get hectic. Or things might get better. Who knows?


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