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Progress, progress, progress!
I believe a progress update is required Tongue

Beta testing as gone very well so far, yet it is not quite complete. There is still a tester or two yet to test/post feedback.

I am now at the stage where I am writing up the large "user manual", which will be either a HTML file or an Acrobat Reader file. It will be big and detailed, and parts of it will be avilable to read as sections on the site (e.g. "New Units & Structures"). While I am writing it up, I plan on getting the Beta screenshots and movies onto the site.

I also have a few more tweaks to do to the mod, the main one being Bobing's Ion Cannon radar dish voxel for the War Wagon. With a spinning dish on top, the War Wagon's weapon will be much more suitable for its look.

In the meantime, any maps designed for the mod (and especially designed for specific modes) are welcome - I currently have 3 maps that will be included with the mod, but another one or two will be nice Smile

And, since Survival mode has been well received, I may even add another game mode that is a variant of Survival.

Part of writing the documentation is the credits section. It's going to be hard to document everyone involved in the mod. So, if you think you deserve to be mentioned in the WR credits... speak now, or forever hold your peace Tongue

Whiteboy out.

Don't Forget the Testers (including me) in those Credits Whity!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Obviously Tongue


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