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It is BETA time, baby!!! Sign up here.
Alright, it's been long time since the last Beta. Things have come along nicely though and progress now stands at 99.6% Smile

It is time to release what I intend to be the final Beta. YES, the FINAL Beta. This release will be damn close to the final one. I will log the changes I make after this Beta - there won't be too many changes I think.

As usual for WR, this Beta is private. People who wish to test should sign up here. All applicants will be put through an extremely vigorous army-style health check-up...naked. Okay, maybe not. But there may be some people I refuse - HOWEVER, it is my wish that this final Beta be palyed by as many people as possible.

The Beta is exactly 10MB. EXACTLY Tongue You can find it in the Whiteboy's Rules Testing Lab forum. Passwords to access it will be PM'd to selected testers.

Now, here is the testing "mission" - these thigns need testing, but overall "casual testing" is important too.

1: Powers Divided modes - any of the modes in this section. Basically, are the changes to each country's stats balanced?

2: Survival mode - this will be the most interesting. It's a completely new mode, in the "Normal" section of the game modes list. Designed for online/LAN play only, since the AI just cannot understand this mode (unfixable for all I know). It is playable in skirmishmode for experimentation, but to test whether it is balanced or not - which is most important - there will need to be some online testing.

3: Campaign mode - just play it and see if it works and if it is enjoyable Smile

I may assign small individual tasks to people, and not everyone has to test the three things mentioned above - but ultimately, they all need testing. I don't really care who does it - they just need to be done Tongue

Okay, let the signups begin!

zero2 reporting~~
Hopalongtom will be ready either late next week or the week after.

If I test at my freinds house on Thursday an outsider will see it and he isn't to be trusted not to spread it.

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Particle has arrived.
Great, you three are all in. Passwords will be PM'd as soon as a couple more people sign up Wink

Hi all my name is Roman and i highly addicted to RA2 and to Whitenz rules camon man go for it, success is imperative Failure is not an option... BTW WB Rules is gonna test by me i hope Smile

"Life can't be ruined by one mistake, but thousands mistake can surely destroy all the huminaty..."
You're in Roman... if you can ever get a new YR CD

Yay! Beta testing g00dn3ss! nice to see you found your way here Roman!
Ready for action!
Quote:Ready for action!

Boy am I stupid. I joined so many forums and I thought I had joined this one to. That was me up there. Sorry, anyways, sign me up please.
Quote:Boy am I stupid.

Genious introduction speech there sir! You're in!

If there are any AI flaws / bugs... You have to tell me and I can look at it Smile

So watch the AI too for the BETA Testers Wink

Whiteboy Love Olga XD

*comes back* oh yea, i'm in Smile
*flees again*

How could I forget the AI. Testers, please take note and report any AI issues in the appropriate thread Smile


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Avi and sig by MrRuben

If you want a bit of PHP coding done, or a really basic consol based C++ or Java program, PM me, i'll give it a try

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