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RockPatch 1.08 - Preview
I (inofficially) announced 1.08 to be released in May, and I think this will be the case.

That's why I'm going to give you a preview of what will be featured:

Definitive features

SuperWeapon Type=NewLightningStorm
You will be able to add lightning storm clones which will be quite customizable.
At this time, you can customize the following (L = "Lightning"):
- LWarhead (Warhead)
- LSBoltExplosion (Anim)
- LSeparation
- LCellSpread
- LDamage
- LSSound (Sound)
- LSText (the warning message, or "Hello World", whatever you want...)
- LSPrintText (yes/no)
- LDeferment
- LHitDelay
- LScatterDelay
- LSDuration
- LightningStrikeSounds
- LSClouds (Anim list)
- LSBolts (Anim list)

I'm not too sure yet whether I'll make the lighting possible, maybe when I'm really really bored, I'll do.
However, if people think (please reply) it is really necessary, I'll implement it.

Additional stringtables
You can place up to 99 stringtableXX.csf files into your YR dir.

Strings will be overwritten or added:
stringtable01.csf will overwrite/add to stringtable00.csf.
stringtable00.csf will overwrite/add to ra2md.csf.

These make it possible to make a unit immune to whatever Warhead.
It will go like this:

Warhead (example):

Unit (example):

They aren't coded yet, but it isn't a too difficult hack Wink

The Bounty Logic
Announced as the "surprise feature" of 1.08! Big Grin

The bounty logic is basically what GLA in C&C Generals has as a special:
Your unit kills an enemy unit -> you get money.

The following tags will be added:
        [CombatDamage] (and per country?):
        BountyCostMult=        ;default Bounty = Cost*this
                        ;default = 0.33
        VeteranBountyCostMult=    ;default VeteranBounty = Cost*this
                        ;default = 0.5
        EliteBountyCostMult=        ;default EliteBounty = Cost*this
                        ;default = 0.75

        Attacking TechnoType:
        GetsBounty=yes/no        ;default = no
        BountyAnim=[AnimType]        ;default = none

        Attacked TechnoType:
        Bounty=            ;default = Cost*BountyMultiplier
        VeteranBounty=        ;default = Cost*VeteranBountyMultiplier
        EliteBounty=        ;default = Cost*EliteBountyMultiplier

This should say it all Wink

Minor additions
For any unit (vehicles, aircraft, whatever) you can use the DontSayUnitLost=yes/no tag. If yes, EVA will shut up when the unit dies, so will the Radar.

On weapons with IsLaser=yes, you can use LaserSize=X.XX.
X.XX will be a floating point value, e.g. 1.0, 0.8.
The tag will modify the laser width.

- VoiceIFVRepair fixed (caused errors during loadup, even if not used!)
- Nuke Problems fixed

Planned, not sure though
Maybe I can succeed in fixing the "Whiteboy Bug", but I'm not sure whether a) I find time to do it and b) I'll really succeed.
Besides, c) it's not a too important thing that needs to be fixed immidiately.

What I also planned is a complete recoding of the NewInfDeaths feature.
When I made it for 1.00, I had no idea about anything.
Also, the feature is far to complicated, and so is its code <.<
I was thinking of adding InfDeathAnim=[animtype] to warheads, as well as a IsMutation=yes/no tag.
That would make it all MUCH easier and it'd even be much less code...

The last thing I might eventually do is another RMG improvement, so that you can customize the BuildingTypes being used for Urban Areas.
Also, I might enable the Abandoned Areas (tents and stuff).
I also want Urban Areas to be an option in the RMG itself, as a checkbox. It would be my first dialog experiment, and really cool!
And still, there are lighting options for random desert maps missing. Maybe I'll come around to adding them.

K, that's it for the preview Wink
I'll not set an official release date yet, but it looks like I'll be finishing it till end of May / begin of June.
over and out
[Image: jsfml.png]
Sounds fantastic!

But DontSayUnitLost=no means "do not not say" and I really dislike double negatives ... Just a minor nitpick, great work nonetheless !

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love the new, 1.08 will be cool, but, what is the "Whiteboy bug?" ?
Whiteboy Bug

Worth playing: 1 | 2 | 3
1 small question... have you fixed the new-rad warheads? together with immunities, this completes my liqued nitrogen, however, its all kinda pointless for anything but the colour if it still uses the nuke warhead...
right, the radiation.
I'm gonna be checking them.

I abolished the "NewInfDeath" crap.
from now on, simply put InfDeathAnim=[animation] on your Warhead.
the really cool thing: my code will recognize itself whether it's a mutation or not Wink
tested, works fine.
btw, if anybody's interested, I attached my asm code for this.

heh, something I'm just noticing.
I just crossed the 12KB (12288 bytes) line of self-written code.

I assume that when I'm working on 1.15 or something, I'll have to enlarge the exe again Tongue

Attached Files
.txt   Less than 1 minute ago">code_InfDeath.txt (Size: 1.07 KB / Downloads: 631)
[Image: jsfml.png]
Oh, just remembered: Are you going to do anything about the High Wood bridges being broken?

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well lighting would be nice considering dominator and nuke light can be adjusted but great additions Smile
I like the idea of the bounty tag, i might have to use that in my mod once i begin to use the RP. Also, i like how you can get Eva to shut up, conscript rushes with no nagging! Tongue
that inmue to warhead command, wouldent it be better it it was Inmue to weapon AND the weapons warhead???
it needs to be Immune to Warhead because there are a lot of things out there, such as superweapons and Radiation that don't actually have a weapon, and to make something immunie to a weapon, you just make them immune to the warhead the weapon uses. if you want to make them immune to 1 weapon that uses that warhead, but not another weapon that uses the same warhead, apart from the obvious WHY???, you can simply clone the warhead for the weapon you want it immune to.
exactly the warhead is a lot more useful and the weapon code would just add pointless coding for pd.

if u don't understand the principle don't ask stupid questions or u will be flamed.

the warhead clone is easy solution in my opinon.
ay up, been looking at things, and there is a feature you have been promising for some time now that i really want to see:
More than 8 Remap Colours in Multiplayer

will this be in 1.08?

because going by my chart(as they apear in order in R:ROTC and R:BOTH)
[Image: colours2.PNG]
we want atleast 14 colours in our menu, B1(CDA/New MP Yellow), F1(Soviet/MP), A2(MP), B2(New MP Brown), C2(Yuri/MP), E2(Allied/MP), F2(Vlad), A3(MP), C3(Einstein/MP), D3(New MP Black), A5(Civic Republic), C5(New MP "PDs True Pink"), D5(Russia Elite), E5(Yuri Revolution)

the chart lists MP as the original colours, but some were moved to make way for our new colours, so B2 brown replaces B5 Pink and B1 yellow replaces E3 yellow
i think thats honestly a waste of time its not bobing's patch ...
yeah, besides there's a wishlist...

I keep telling people who want extra features that bad to code them themselves.
don't concept things you can't do.
[Image: jsfml.png]

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