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Ideas wanted
Right, I'm just finishing off the new game modes for the mod, and I've run into a mental wall. I'm in need of some good ideas for a game mode. The planned "Heavy Metal" game mode, where you have only basic units to use, has been scrapped because I realised no-one really plays a mode like that.

So does anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for 1 - 2 game modes, no more. Unless I get three really good ideas, of course Tongue

A mode where everything gets build super-fast? A mode with no siege units (e.g. Prism Tank)? No defence buildings? Doesn't require power?

Each of those are a separate idea by the way.

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does a tech war mode exist?
it's where u get all the country units
i suggest that one
As for a super fast building mode - I already have one, called Spamfest. And the whole mod is split into normal modes and cross-tech modes - a tech war mode would be out of place. Any more ideas? Tongue Something unique - not just something seen in other mods.

Civilian mode (I don't really know if it can be implemented)! Protect the civilian (or just build 'em for fun)!
Classified Mode where Supers recharge fast...

I'm out for now, anyone else got an idea?

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
nice one wrath
i've always made maps with civillians that need protection lol
but my pc crashed recently and everything is gone
mods, maps, editors everything

but back to the thread
a mode where there are no bases
or an airwar mode (might not be possible though)
There are a lot of mods with no bases, and it actually doesn't work well. It gets very buggy (and you have to obviously turn short game off) if one person has naval and the other doesn't (through map scripts). The game lasted forever (I tried once on AI).

Airwar? Sounds really tedious. And the Psi-Corps would always win with Floating Discs.

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]


All teams have the ability to produce the nuclear silo, nuke reactor, and cluster nuke(100k)
Nuke silo- more powerful, more energy needed
Reactor- more energy, more destructive when blown
Clusters- Slower, more nukes, build limit 5

All buildings have nuke power in them, all power plants(expect nuke reactor) double their energy, all defenses are more powerful, units are stronger(expect attack dogs), Tanks fire DPU shells, all things blow up with radiation(destroyed building= radioactive fallout)

Need a little speed?

Everything goes hella fast. Building, training, weapon charging, everything

1st tech

You can build the units you get from your buildings ONLY, which means no superweapons, no radar, no battle lab, no robot control(maybe you can), no service depot(if you want), you get only your 1st units and the armagedon(if you want the machine there)

2nd tech

You can build the units at Radar/service/robot/ACHQ/Airpad level(NO BATTLE LABS)

Tech war

Instead of everything, you can build the units only from the battle lab level

Clear mind

All units are immune to mind control, Yuri clones, Yuri Prime, Valdimar, Psychic Beacon, Tower, Psychic vessle, any mind controlling units cant be built or trained.

Land war

You cant build naval
heavy should be something 'firm'. maybe just a anti-armor infratry and vehicles with veterency?
Hmm, I do already have a no-bases mode (called Survival) and it works pretty well. Each player will have a "leader" unit - the Chrono Ultima Tank, Doomsday Devastator Tank and the Floating Fotress - and if short game is turned on, when that unit gets destroyed, that player loses.

Airwar mode definately won't play well... and "protect the civilian mode" would require it's own set of maps to work (like Assault).

Littlebry, some of those ideas sound interesting. I'm not too keen on having a "certain tech level ONLY" mode at the moment - I don't think it would work too well in this mod. I already have a "mega speed" mode. Clear mind mode would be unfair to Yuri... and I don't think a "no navy" mode would be played much (it doesn't really change enough things to warrant it being a proper game mode). That Nuked mode - where basically everything is nuclear - could be fun I suppose, once in a while. I'll consider implementing it.

I did say that I was scrapping Heavy Metal mode - but I could just change it instead. The original idea would require all sides to have the same things to be truly balanced...

the original idea was to basically have only conventional tanks available. Probably no aircraft or even infantry. By "conventional", I mean the Grizzly, Rhino, Lasher, Railtank, Reaper, Floating Fortress, Mirage, Prism Tank, Apocalypse, Doomsday Devastator, Annihilator... and others that I can't think of right now. Just basic, nothing-fancy tanks. No chrono tanks or mind control or anything weird. Having such tanks would give a disadvantage to Yuri (and somewhat the Allies), so I planned on making the same units available to all sides. This was the original idea for Heavy Metal mode. yay or nay?

The idea that I scrapped was basically having a "low tech mode", where you could only build up to, say, the Battle Lab level, and probably have no infatry or aircraft.

Aside from these ideas, I have thought up a pretty interesting one myself. Anyone who has played Age of Empires and knows what a "Wonder" does will have an idea of what this is.

It's a mode where, basically, it's a race to construct some important structure. This structure of course will not be easy to contruct. It will cost a fortune and while you are building it, someone could destroy the prerequisites to it, meaning that you have to start over. When built, either A: you will deploy the building to destroy everything on the map (except the actual structure itself), or B: a countdown timer will start, and when it gets to zero, you can fire a weapon that is so incredibly destructive that it clears the map (apart from the structure itself). So, the first player to own this building for long enough to fire the weapon, wins the game.

This mode could work...but if I went for the countdown timer method, I'd have to replace a superweapon... which superweapon could we do without? I can't replace the Force Shield (it will mess up other mod aspects) so it's either paradrops, or high-level supers. Heck, I could actually make the high-level supers (Weather Controller etc.) the structure to build to win. All that's needed is a cost change, some major upgrade in power (so that you win instantly when you use the superweapon), and a few other tweaks.

Sound good? If so, consider this mode (which I'll call "Domination" for now) implemented.

Hmm... Make it something like a super Cluster Silo. Sounds good (I like AOE).

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Tactical SW only

When supers r switched off you can still build genetic mutator/iron curtian/chronosphere but not Nuke,psy dominator and wc machine Wink

Crazy civilians

say you are still at war say a left vs right game while attacking your opponents armies of cilvian tanks and infanty still stop everyones attacks but not attacks your bases(you may want your units to attack civilians Wink )

Lunar war

you are on the moon only soviet and allied are alowed

Sov units: Cosmonaut, deso, rhino, flak traks and terror drones

Allied units: Advanced rocketeers, deso, robot tanks, IFV and grizzly tanks

but beware of Aliens :alien: Wink

no changes to buildins
The first one has already been implemented, I think. It's very common in mods, anyway.

That needs map triggers and not game mode coding.

That could work, but map triggers might be used as well, so probably not...

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
The vast majority of ideas so far are just impractical, some sound more like campaign missions than game modes, and some are just plain silly...

The " Tactical SW only" has NOT been implemented by the way - I don't consider it enough of a change to the game. If you don't want them, make agreements beforehand, and if players break them, kick them from the game. If the AI builds them, just deal with it. Come on, you're not scared of the AI, are you Tongue?

I'm sorry to say that the planned mode where you race to build a special structure has been canned - it just doesn't work in the boundaries of the game enine. So...

Anymore ideas for game modes, anyone?

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