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YR Playlist Manager Help
Hey Guys!
I recently installed YR Playlist Manager, to add my favorite Tracks of Red Alert 2. I created a Playlist and also activated it, but everytime I go into the game nothing has changed: Menu theme is the SAME, loading theme and score theme TOO. The tracks I've added are not even listed in the Options menu. Can someone help me, please? I'm sick and tired of the YR songs!

I have to say that I don't have any clue what the problem is and if you need further information just tell me.
Sorry for being a bit late...

This is the veryold Playlist Manager Marshall had, right, not the LaunchBase plugin... it should generate a thememd.ini to your RA2 folder... does such a file exist?
Yes this file exists. What to do now?
Check INTRO and LOADING entry in it.

OTOH, your new songs also has to have some fixed filename - either TRACK01-20 either USER01-20, I can't remember. I have used that thing for years, but that was in the previous decade...

In the file thememd.ini I scrolled down to the Intro line, where it says "Sound was Drok" and to the Loading line, where it says "Sound was Bully Kit". I changed them to Grinder and Jank suddenly all tracks of RA2 are now included in Yuri's Revenge!

Thanks for your Help man, I appreciate that Smile

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