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How to count for new sides?
Lets look at an AI trigger

Quote:NAME0001-G=AI Trigger,XXXXXXXX-G,YuriCountry,10,1,YACNST,0000000002000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,70.000000,60.000000,70.000000,1,0,3,0,<none>,1,1,1

The red number, that means number side. In original game, Allied is 1, Soviet 2 and Yuri is 3.
But when adding new sides, this counting get wierd.

From my mod:


So in my mod, ThirdSide is at position 5, but when I change the red number to 5 for my Yuri AI, they wont use it. But if I set it to 3(which they dont are), they will attack. So how do this counting work?
Java student.
Show your Countries list.

The actual Sides order is composed from the sides appearing in the Country list. I guess Robot is AFTER YuriCountry there, so ThirdSide will be 3.

EDIT: was updated 2 months ago with that, because EriicAnimeFreak ran into the same issue.

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