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YR: Playlist Modifier
I guess issue 1406 is not the correct place to speak about the YRPM.

Not just to open a discussion, but also I've got mixes for YRPM. Since the pre-Ra2 games are became freeware, I dont think mirroring their OSTs are a problem.

Here are the mixes I'd like to contribute:

- Tiberian Dawn -
aoi.wav - Act on Instinct
airstrik.wav - Airstrike
ccthang.wav - C&C Thang
heavyg.wav - Demolition
fwp.wav - Fight! Win! Prevail!
warfare.wav - Full Stop
linefire.wav - In the Line of Fire
trouble.wav - In Trouble
ind.wav - Industrial
ind2.wav - Canyon Chase
j1.wav - Untamed Land
justdoit.wav - Just Do It Up!
jdi_v2.wav - Just Do It Up v2
march.wav - March to Doom
nomercy.wav - No Mercy
otp.wav - On the Prowl
prp. wav - Prepare for Battle
radio.wav - Radio
rain.wav - Rain in the Night
target.wav - Mechanical Man
stopthem.wav - We Will Stop Them Now!

- Covert Operations -
80mx226m.wav - C&C in the '80s Mix
befeared.wav - To Be Feared
crep226.wav - Creeping Upon
chrg226m.wav - Depth Charge
die.wav - Die
dril226m.wav - Drill
dron226m.wav - Drone
fist226m.wav - Iron Fist
i_am.wav - Destructable Times (I Am)
recn226m.wav - Rec On
valkyrie.wav - Flight of the Valkyries
voic226m.wav - Voice Rhythm

- Counterstrike -
2nd_hand.wav - Second Hand
araziod.wav - Araziod
backstab.wav - Back Stab
shut_it.wav - Shut It
twinmix1.wav - Twin Mix
under3.wav - Underlying Thoughts
vr2.wav - Voice Rhythm 2

- Aftermath -
bog.wav - Bog
float_v2.wav - Floating
amgloom.wav - Gloom
grndwire.wav - Ground Wire
rpt.wav - Mechanical Man 2 (Running Through Pipes)
search.wav - Search
traction.wav - Traction
wastelnd.wav - Wasteland

- Red Alert -
await_r.wav - Await (Afterlife)
hell226m.wav - Hell March
bigf226m.wav - Bigfoot
crus226m.wav - Crush
credits.wav - Reload Fire
dense_r.wav - Dense
fac1226.wav - Face to the Enemy 1
fac2226.wav - Face to the Enemy 2
fogger1a.wav - Fogger
mud1a.wav - Mud
radio2.wav - Radio 2
rollout.wav - Roll Out
run1226.wav - Run
score.wav - Militant Force
smsh226.wav - Smash
snake.wav - Snake
terminat.wav - Terminate
tren226.wav - Trenches
twin.wav - Twin Cannon
vector1a.wav - Vector
work226m.wav - Workman

- Counterstrike -
win1.wav - Great Shot!

- Tiberian Sun -
valves1b.wav - Valves
duskhour.wav - Dusk Hour
flurry.wav - Flurry
mutants.wav - Mutants
approach.wav - Approach
gloom.wav - Gloom
infrared.wav - Infrared
madrap.wav - Mad Rap
redsky.wav - Red Sky
storm.wav - Ion Storm
timebomb.wav - Timed Bomb
whatlurk.wav - What Lurks
defense.wav - Defense
lonetrop.wav - Lone Trooper
nodcrush.wav - Nod Crush
pharotek.wav - Pharotek
scout.wav - Scout
tsscore.wav - Score Theme

- Firestorm -
elusive.wav - Elusive
hacker.wav - Hacker
infiltra.wav - Infiltration
linkup.wav - Link Up
kmachine.wav - Killing Machine
rainnite.wav - Rain in the Night
slavesys - Slave to the System
dmachine - Deploy Machine

All are TFD game-rips.

Also, since the RA2 promos always were a part of YRPM, I'd like to contribute the following mix:
- Tiberian Dawn -
aoicd.wav - Act on Instinct Remix
befearcd.wav - To Be Feared Remix
deceptcd.wav - We Will Stop Them Now! Remix
heartbrk.wav - Heartbreak
nomercyr.wav - No Mercy Remix
nomercyv.wav - No Mercy CD Mix (Vocal Mix)
outtakes.wav - C&C Outtakes
reachout.wav - Reaching Out
troubcd.wav - Looks Like Trouble Remix

- Red Alert -
crushcd.wav - Crush Remix
hellmcd.wav - Hell March Remix
journey.wav - Journey
mudcd.wav - Mud Remix
radio2cd.wav - Radio 2 Remix
surfnom.wav - Surf No Mercy
workmcd.wav - Workman Remix

- Sole Survivor -
ssmap1.wav - Map Theme

All versions are the CD versions and not the SS versions. The tank rush scene from the beginning of Crush Remix have been cutted out (it was too silent).
I suggest the tags TDCD and RACD for them.

map1.wav - CO Map Select
raintro.wav - RA1 Intro
map.wav - RA Map Select
intro.wav - TS Intro
maps.wav - TS Map Select
fsmenu.wav - FS Menu
fsmap.wav - FS Map Select

I'd be happy if somebody else would mirror these files, because I'm on 000webhost ATM and with this, I'm violating their TOS.

Bugs I found in LB's YRPM version
CO: To Be Feared's and Creeping Upon's CSF entry is switched
CS: Second Hand has Araziod's CSF entry, Araziod has Back Stab's, Back Stab has Chaos's, Chaos has Second Hand's one
AM: Bog has Gloom's, Floating has Bog's and Gloom has Floating's CSF entry

Update (2011-04-16) Since original files were deleted from 000Webhost, content is reuploaded to MegaUpload. VR2 maybe not fixed, I don't know.
What have you done ? (Don't worry "Graion" !!!) Big Grin

I am so surprised about your great efforts...good collection of themes of the other games...Thank you very much..
Let me see, what have I done.

Years ago, when TFD was a new thing, when RockPatch 1.07b was the latest, I got Internetz. And after many things, I've met up with Purple Alert and I read about YRPM in it's documentation. I had TFD at that time (since then that disc broke down) and I decided to recreate every mix YRPM's documentation mentioned.

I ended up with the above(of course I have a Renegade mix as well, but that's unshareable, ATM). Later I got Generals and ZH OSTs (not the game's actual blames, I mean the whole music set), hunted unused/unreleased/whatever C&C musics, Sole Survivor (later I changed all to the RA CD versions, since they're basically the same) fan-made remixes, mod sound packs, et ce tera...

The only thing I did in this last 36 hours that I uploaded them to a website.

And if you'd like to use 'em, download the mixes, copy them into RA2 folder and set them up in the Playlist Modifier. Except ecachethemeCD.mix and it's contents, all are compatible with each other out of the box.

EDIT: *after a fresh check of RA1* WHAT?! Reload Fire is the RA1 credits?! And I missed it?! Damnit! I actually like that track.

I guess I have to reupload ecachethemeRA.mix, then.

EDIT2: Turned out I missed mentioning it... the mix already features Reload Fire. I'm a stupid. Main post updated.
It seems I have some updating to do. I had been thinking about integrating YRPM directly into LB and supporting custom playlists better (atm LB asks you every time which is a tad irritating).

Great work here Graion, I'll try to find some time to turn these packs into LB plugins.
Ever wondered what the hell is going on?
Believe me friend you're not the only one.

Check out Launch Base for RA2/YR -
Also home to the Purple Alert mod, 1.002 UMP, and the YR Playlist Manager.
Marshall, when you redo these files into mixes, please swap Voice Rhythm 2. I just read that Nyerguds spotted and fixed an error within it.

You can read about the error at

IMA ADPCM version is available, however I don't think I reupload ecachethemeTD just for this. It is ca. a hour to upload if my connection is enough stable to bear it.

EDIT: If you don't have time to generate the plugins, I can do it with LBMC. Just tell me what additional things I need to incorporate alongside with the mix.
ecachethemeCD is being reuploaded. New content is deceptcd.wav, the vocal version of We Will Stop Them Now! Until yesterday, I haven't heard about this one.
could you upload them on, is to slow, i'm only getting any where form 5kb/s - maybe 15kb/s... on i get around 25kb/s - 41kb/s

Besides, if the original Playlist modifier files form C-gen are what your recreating, i have them archived and i can upload them to if needed.
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Total Annihilation is the only battle strategy.
Not now. My GPU died yesterday and all my RA2 assets are on that PC.

OTOH, I never had issues with MegaUpload.

These files were never available on C-GEN. On C-GEN, only a small tutorial was uploaded how to create these files... and ecachethemeCD is not even supported yet.

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