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AI Editor - How can I put a blank aimd.ini in it?
Maybe it's not the brightest idea, but I'd like to rewrite the AI from scratch both as an experience, and to have some nightmares.

However, when I try to put a blank AI file, it drops out saying it's invalid and after I copied the list arrays and one dummy script to each, it gave me a List index out of bounds error.

Should I just give up and delete the entries in-Editor or is there a more proper way?
It should work fine with just having the section headers ([TaskForces], [ScriptTypes], [TeamTypes], [AITriggerTypes]) with no content... if it doesn't, well, I'm sorry but I no longer have the source code so I can't see what the code is doing.

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This is as blank as you can have an AIMD.ini

one teamtype, taskforce, script and trigger.

edit these first to your first AI command, then go from there, or make a new team, script, taskforce and trigger, then delete the old ones.

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Thank you, MRMIdAS.

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