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[split] Confused, off-topic posts from "0.3 Features"
Real Radiation Type V3 Rockets could be similar..hah ??..
.Rad level is propered in "weapons " section..I know...But in YR ;(and in old RA2,too), however,V3 weapon type was hard-coded and it was placed under "generals" section in rules(md) ini. files....and "IsRadiation"
tag only can be written in weapons section...


I want to know this.... => How can I get The "destroyable" (by anti-airs)V3 rocket with radiation level...or maybe "psycadellic" like chos drone weapon.I wish I can tell what I want properly...Have a nice day

oh..sorry I know that "psycadellic" tag can customizable by "warheads tag" by adding a "psycadellic=yes" on a custom missile warhead...(thanks to ares that allowing to create "c"ustom Missile Types....) however..I can't solve the problem with v3 type Radiation Missiles ??? Unhappy
A blue ice beam can be customizable for "Real-Freeze" logic.(wawes and lasers can be colored. Thanks to Ares(The Ultimate YR patch)

Gatling logic is necessary,E.M.P. logis is necessary.

and 2 additional logics.(speed downer and armor eater)
we know that tiberium field can speed down ground units.This thing can be used for the new warhead
(New tags are...SlowsdownTarget=yes,SlowdownPerSecond=0.01)Finally the last gatling stage must have E.M.P.Duration and new logic.."Armor eater" the Reverse Iron Curtain to make targets full vulnerable.But not damage and kill the victim...only make fully vulnerable to others.and armor eater must have duration ,too.Because when victim is not under fire,it can be freed again by teammate units.

[Freeze Gatling's the last Level Warhead]
ArmorEatingPercentage=99% (take %99 of victims armor)

Another different way to make "armor eater" is "armor changer"...
(making a new armor that fully vulnerable to any warhead)

[AnyWeapon or Any Warhead]

[New Armor Types](thanks to Ares again)

[Any Warhead]
Versus.IceArmor=999% (for instant death to any bullet )

But again...this need a "Duration" to fix Freeze Logic perfectly...(or a unit once is attacked ,it is still vulnerable until game ends or it dies) Unhappy

(I think "armor eater" much smarter...and "Duration" is so important for later part of game)

and an additional light blue color to warhead (for Ice effect) (I know default iron curtain color is black,boris airstrike is red ,chaosed unit is browny red and force shield is like light blue)

Maybe I played with these "Cryocopters" too much in RA3..but this is a wonderful dream,isn't it? Smile

Maybe this is Imposible..I mean "The 2 new Logics..But seeing this will be much more greater.

and please forgive me if I have done a fault by writing this idea to here...
Oh, weird...I thought the bugtracker was one tab over.
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(01.06.2011, 05:43:25)kenosis Wrote: Oh damn don't be disgraced again!

(25.06.2011, 20:42:59)Nighthawk Wrote: The proverbial bearded omni-bug may be dead, but the containment campaign is still being waged in the desert.
(26.11.2010, 20:08:10)Renegade Wrote: Oh, weird...I thought the bugtracker was one tab over.

Yes ..I know .and sorry about it. Grise mine

then can you have a look on "0000255" in bugtracker ? please..

"Attribute modifiers on weapons"

I only want to know that What do you thing about it ? (falaka21 is me)
* Nighthawk is somewhat surprised at the guests' interest in his feature request.
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