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Ok, here goes. When I attempt to run the yuri 1001-english, I get an error message:"Old file not found. A file of the same name was found.No update done since file contents do not match."

Now, I know this is a simple Q/A for most of you. However, It is not for me. Recently, I bought (C&C X ),the first decade. I have been attempting to run the APYR, 2.0C. I do not know how to get around this "simple" issue.

I opened this thread purposely, for I know a lot of you folks have a far superior understanding of these matters than I do. My operating system is Vista-Full version. * I hate Vista*

Lamentation: Ever since I had this OS installed, I have had problems.
Can someone please give advice, I would surley appreciate it.
I can be reached:
I'm not familiar with The First Decade, is it possible it comes pre-patched?
Have you run YR to check which version is displayed?
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TFD does come prepatched. End thread.
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