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Could you share the LBMC KeyGen?
Yeah, I know I might ask for too much.

Since you're getting phased out more and more, I thought that you could share the LBMC plugin keygen for music pack creation. I could upload the YRPM packs to C&CGuild in proper LB format with it, not to mention that I plan my music pack and it'd be awesome to have that set up properly.

I know that I still haven't finished it yet, but I wouldn't abuse that keygen, I promise.

Oh, and if an upd can contain multiple entries, then I'd put everything into one. It'd be easier for both of us after, since you don't have to care about the packages while I can finish my music pack-plugin without an issue.

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Could you share the LBMC KeyGen? - by Graion Dilach - 25.07.2011, 22:56:52

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