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Poll: Which Creative Zen Vision mp4 player should I get?
Zen Vision M 30gig
Zen Vision M 60gig
Zen Vision W 60gig
[Show Results]
Note: This is a public poll, other users will be able to see what you voted for.
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Getting an MP3/4 player, Advise on buying
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Private hopalongtom Offline
Crippled Critic

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Cool Getting an MP3/4 player, Advise on buying
Whiteboy has already advised me in getting the "Creative Zen Vision M" for being one of the best on the market at the moment.

Now I want to know which version is better, and if these are good deals:

The Creative Zen Vision M: 60GB - Picture of the M 60gig


Any advise guys?

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
(This post was last modified: 25.09.2007 12:00:40 by hopalongtom.)
25.09.2007 11:59:57
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Private Whiteboy Offline
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RE: Getting an MP3/4 player, Advise on buying
Well this is a no-brainer. The 60GB is now almost as cheap as the 30GB model was when it came out.

And the W model is actually much older than the models - plus it's a bit heavy and clunky. The M model also has loads more official accessories. It's better value too.

Unrelated: I got a free iPod Touch from work, technically i don't own it, I just "look after" it Big Grin (fro training purposes)... It's not even released here for a while yet. It is indeed nice, but they still haven't quite got it right. It's still an iPod, with the limited iPod functionality.

Maybe (and this is a longshot) you could wait until Creative release their own competitor to the iPod Touch.... you just know it will happen. And when it does it will pwn. This is a fact, and it is true. Only downside is, such a thing would be considerably more expensive than a Zen Vision M.

04.10.2007 13:10:26
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