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The few...the proud...the MOs [aka. Ares development on hold]
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The few...the proud...the MOs [aka. Ares development on hold]
Let's start this thread with something positive: Ever since my announcement of a potential break, Graion Dilach, Speeder and a few others from the Mental Omega camp have been trying their best to help, test and overall support us as much as they could with their own development.

Unfortunately (but not entirely unexpectedly), that's about the only testing activity we got. And while we value our fellow MO users' help and participation, we cannot rely on them alone to be responsible for the thorough testing of the products of half a dozen merges and the RCs.

Since this lack of testing power means we are likely looking at several additional months of development, we will take this opportune moment in development to take a break from it all, to relax and recharge for the final run.

Official Ares development will resume on December 1st.

On a personal note, I would also like to say that this outcome has cemented my impression that the community at large does not care about Ares, and that the time and work required by it are better invested elsewhere.

I know there is a handful of people that does care, and I am sorry they have to suffer from the majority's apathy, but I'm sure they, too, seeing situations like this, understand the feeling of pointlessness one can get from Ares development.

I cannot and will not speak for the others, but, personally, I will focus on other projects after 0.2 is released.

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