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As Time Goes By
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Exclamation As Time Goes By
Blablabla inactive testers blabla delayed release blablabla...

There's really no point in posting the same text yet another time, so I'll skip the obvious part and go straight to the message: Five months ago, I talked about the inevitable fatigue of eternally walking the soon-to-be-released-treadmill. I have made clear that we need a break from working on Ares "full-time", and I even went as far as planning to have that break be over by July.

Obviously, that didn't happen. Development keeps dragging on and on, and Ares- and inactive-tester-fatigue keeps building up. We have tried our best. We have cut down on features, we have stabilized what we could, we made clear what kind of tests and what information we need to push forward with Ares 0.2.

And yet, here we are again.

In the exact same spot, stalled by the exact same people, reliving the exact same scenario.
We're tired of it.

Therefore, we have come to a decision: If we don't have very clear indicators that the crew of testers is active and will stay active enough to facilitate a release within the foreseeable future by August 31st, 2011, we will begin a three month development break on September 1st.

In other words: You can either get off your ass and help us release Ares by fall, or you can wait until winter.
We have tried often enough, and we're simply done being trapped in 0.2 development because every time we're trying to go for a release, the testers walk away.

If we don't get reasonable, sustainable testing activity by August 31st, Ares development will be on hold until December 1st.

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