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yuri start problem
i might not be in the correct forums, or even the correct site, but since you guys are one of the only yr modding groups around that i actually know, i figured you might be able to help. even if you cant youll be more help than the ea customer support Wink. here it goes, when ever i start up my game, it gets past the ea and ww logos, pauses on the loading screen for around 20 mins. then when i choose to let it wait to see if the game is better after the long load, it keeps stutering on the menus and even worse in the actual game. i tried the ea customer supprt with very little result. i have even unistalled several times, removed the registry files and then reinstalled again. anyone know a solution to this problem?
This problem has been known to occur on systems running Windows XP Service Pack 2, and/or with people using burned backups of the game disc.

The only known solution at this moment is either format and install Windows XP Service Pack 1 or to create a virtual PC within Windows that will run XP SP1 as shown in the attached image.

The solution for those with a backup disc is to stop using it and play with an original disc.

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You should install NO-CD patch.
100% will work.
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

the thing is though, that when i first got the game, i was playing on sp2 and i had played on it for a few years just fine with the compatibility for win98. however now it does the problem. i guess i will try the no cd, but where do i get a good one? i tried to use deamon tools at one point but i got a blue screen of death

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