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Tooltip problem
Hi, up until the latest Ares release I was sure it was just impossible, but now it seems as though it is a specific problem for me.
I'm referring to the in-game tooltips - when I hover over some unit and *should* get a couple of words with its name. This simply does not work for me, for some odd reason.
While I don't know whether it's a problem with Yuri or Ares, it still is a problem I'd like to fix (especially if I'm to use the new tooltip colors).

Thanks for any insight!
Hmmm... could you show codes of the actual units with this bug? And you sure the CSF is well set?
Perhaps I was not clear enough - ALL tooltips aren't showing. Now I think it might be a bug with the game itself, as I think even without any modes they still aren't showing.

Tried running the game with -LOG, started a 1 player skirmish and exited right away. debug.log stated multiple changes to "Tooltips", as in "Tooltips are on" and "Tooltips are off" several times,
the latest being "off". That might be the problem, however I still do not know where to look for a solution...
Have you checked the Tooltips option in Options page?
(21.09.2013, 17:10:52)Graion Dilach Wrote: Have you checked the Tooltips option in Options page?

Well obviously.
Could you recheck it with 0.3?

If that fixes it, please submit a bugreport.
Looks like this problem is more difficult to solve....
Ten minutes ago I finished installing RA2 on my WinXP laptop and started the game right after the installation was done.
I then made sure the "tooltips" button was checked in the options screen and proceeded to start a skirmish.
.... There were no tooltips.

Mind you, this is a fresh install from a disc I bought back in 2001, without any updates or mods whatsoever, and no compatibility.
I simply double-clicked Ra2.exe.

Could anyone shed some light on this? At this point I'm officially out of ideas.

Found these which sound related.
Unfortunately after trying both methods shown in the references you gave
(many thanks, I never found these two threads before), the problem persists.
Graion, could you perhaps start Yuri's with ares logging, start a skirmish on some map,
hover your mouse over a unit to display the tooltip and then abort and exit the game?
I would like to compare the log from your working tooltip state to mine own, that is if you have no objection...
Sorry, had no time to pop up here. And I'm at uni atm...

I doubt it would show a difference. I'll do one when I'll get home.

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