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INI editor *0.4 tabbed
i have created this ini editor for modding purposes

download 0.4

.zip (Size: 305.76 KB / Downloads: 696)

download 0.3

.zip (Size: 262.38 KB / Downloads: 698)

[Image: 2rp3cbr.png]
If you would include syntax highlighting and tabbed files like in Notepad++, I would switch.

The section shortcuts was a great idea, I liked it from the very first, but I consider the syntax highlighting more helpful.
syntax highlighting is there
(green comments,red special characters)

please explain what you mean (you mean you need rules(md).ini related highlighting) ?
*if so i'll try that

tabbed will take time i haven't done it before i need to figure out that or find some code(c or freeBASIC)

I hope this will be helpful.

[Image: critic.png]
ok 0.3 is here Smile
download the attachment on the first post

whats new on 0.3
* syntax higlight changed (as a request from 'Graion Dilach' )
* custom built scilexer.dll so its now smaller

@Graion Dilach:
tabbed will take time, i haven't coded tabbed stuff before
i need to figure out how to do that
or find some code(c or freeBASIC)
Enjoy the freedom of open source !! ;-)
(while its open)
No problem, that can wait.

I went through the program. OK, this new syntax highlighting is much more better than the previous. However, it's still hardcoded, and some colors have too much contrast for my eye. Probably somebody got used to these highlighting, but still, I vote for a configuration file which can be used for stored settings, like colors or font settings (TBH, I never thought I'd see Times New Roman within a program like this).

Scilexer: I can't think of a way how this can be useful for an INI file. I know only C&C and general settings INIs, they don't need advanced arithmetical functions or bitwise operators and stuff like that. The only thing I could use it for damage calculation, reading from Damage and Verses, but that is a bit more advanced function.

What's your aim? To use it for any INI or it is designed specifically for C&C's INIs? If it's designed specifically for C&C INIs, leave it for a while. Go and use it for your Lanka mod. You can figure out what could be the features which can come handy in this way.
Scilexer.dll is used in Notepad++,Scite,my INI editor,..... and a lot more it is what that gives the syntax highlighting,and provide the control that you type in

quick eval does the arithmetic functions,i'm sure most people don't need it,i dint really add it for this it was there when i ripped my own c++ ide's code(not yet released) and i dint remove it
because the function len might come handy when using Ares to mod yr
? len("abc")
gives 3
so one can check if it fits for NOSTR:abc
Enjoy the freedom of open source !! ;-)
(while its open)
Ah, didn't knew that. I thought Scilexer is the quick eval, /me stupido.

Yeah, that sounds logical.
whats new on 0.4
* tabbed windows

i know its different from what i promised for 0.4 but i'm sure most will like tabbed editing more than MDI
Enjoy the freedom of open source !! ;-)
(while its open)
Sorry for late reply, but I didn't notice your edit. I think you can doublepost if there are days between the two. Especially if you update.

I like the tabs, my favorite Windows was 98, this reminds me of that one.

I guess I'll bug you with more feature requests. Alongside with that config file I mentioned, I realized that a button bar should be handy as well. Or at least a Save All button/function. Usually I set up the art and rules entries side by side.

Also a bug, the width of the sectionlist is hardcoded and if you narrow the window, you can hide the text area with it.

Still, this is much better progress then what I can do.

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