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Troubleshooting IEs, freezes and other problems
If you get an IE:
  • look in the game's folder
  • open the debug subfolder
  • find extcrashdump.<timestamp>.dmp , except.<timestamp>.txt and debug.<timestamp>.log with the most recent timestamps
  • zip them up
  • upload the archive somewhere
  • open a new issue in the bugtracker about it, link to the archive and try to add a description of what you were doing

If you get a freeze and no IE dialog is visible:
  • Check in Task Manager/taskbar - is the process still named "Yuri's Revenge" or "Fatal Error - Yuri's Revenge"?
  • If it's the latter, the "do you want to make a memory dump" dialog is most likely just hidden somewhere/invisible. Try returning back into the game and hitting Enter. That should result in the same files as getting an IE.
  • If it's the former,
    • don't terminate the game.
    • Go to , download Very Sleepy, install it
    • run it, attach it to gamemd.exe (choose whichever thread is shown as eating all the CPU), go back to the game, wait a few (5+) seconds, go back to the profiler, tell it to stop profiling
    • save the resulting log file
    • terminate the game via Task Manager
    • open a new issue in the bugtracker, attach the saved log file + debug.<timestamp>.txt and any other information you can think of
  • The same info applies when you get a simple slowdown, but here you don't need to terminate the game manually I suppose.

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