The C.R.A.P. Act
The Criminals, Rulings And Punishment Act

This is the Renegade Projects Network Forums Legal Code. Read this shit or you won't know what hit you.

People in Court

The Imprisoned
These are people who are limited to this forum either due to their sentence, or because their case hasn't come to an end yet.
The Imprisoned may talk in this forum as they like under normal forum rules, but convicted prisoners must not post in open case threads. Prisoners may only post in their very own case thread.

Normal members can visit this forum to state their opinion on cases and to visit the prisoners. They have no decisive rights on cases, and their input may be disregarded as a whole. They cannot start threads in the Asylum. In case discussions, they are only bound to commands by the current judge, not moderator-orders. This is to ensure that moderators cannot supress unpopular opinions.

While they may become Judges themselves, moderators are mainly let in here to state their opinion on the defendant and the case at hand. While they have no decisive rights in non-Judge-position, their opinion will be taken into account and, if disregarded, a reason will be given.

Forum Commanders
We own you. It's as simple as that :P
Nah, seriously, if Renegade is here, he decides what's going on. If Ren is not here, the other Forum Commanders decide together what's going to happen.

The "Current Judge" always is the person with the highest judical power at the given time. Therefore, the Current Judge, and with it the person judging a defendant, may even change mid-case, depending on who is available.

The Judical Power of a person is determined by his user group.
Members - No judical power.
Moderators - Group judical power. The moderators form a jury that votes on the matter at hand. A 2/3 majority is necessary for a decision. (Notice Appendix III)
Super Moderators - Group judical power. The supermods form a council that discusses the matter at hand. A simple majority is necessary for a decision. If there is only one Super Moderator, the process is continued by the moderator-method, but the supermod's vote counts two. (Notice Appendix III)
Forum Commanders - Single/Group judical power. If there are multiple Forum Commanders present, they form a council that discusses the matter at hand. Decisions are made by the Forum Commander in charge, but taking the words of the other commanders into strong consideration. Otherwise, the single commander decides alone.

Any decision made may be reverted by a higher instance at any given time later.

Case Structure

A case can be initiated by two events:
1. A user reaches a Warning Level of 100%. If that is the case, within the same Warning-action, the user should be suspended for 7 days, a case file opened, and a PM sent to the Current Judge.
2. A user commits an especially hard offense. In that case, a warning-action should be triggered through which, the user is suspended for 7 days, a case file should be opened, and a PM sent to the Current Judge. If a hard offense has happened, the suspension has to be triggered no matter which warning-level is reached by the action.

No matter what lead to the suspension, the defendant will be unsuspended as soon as possible by someone with ACP-access, and put into the "Prisoners" group, to be able to attend the case here. Since the suspension is only necessary because Moderators have no access to the group controls, Forum Commanders may omit it all the way and immediately re-group the defendant instead. (Notice Appendix III)

By now, a case file should exist (see Appendix I). In that thread, both sides will plead their case, all registered users can state their opinion, and a discussion of possible rulings may happen.

The final ruling is then posted by the Current Judge. Afterwards, the case (and with it it's case file) is closed.

While every user is free to have and post his opinion on cases, offences and misbehavior in court will be punished harder than in normal forums.


If a case is dismissed, the defendant shall be released, the warning that lead to him being suspended shall be cleansed, and the case shall never be held against him again.

There are several stages of punishment at the Renegade Projects Network Forums:
0.0 No punishment applied
? 0.1 Case dismissed
? 0.2 Offense acknowledged, but not punished

1.0 Light punishment - User is let out of the Asylum, but under restrictions. These sentences can all be applied next to each other, and can either be temporary or permanent.
? 1.1 User gets a custom Usertitle by the Judge. He is not allowed to change it. Alternatively, he may be forbidden to carry one at all.
? 1.2 User gets a custom Avatar by the Judge. He is not allowed to change it. Alternatively, he may be forbidden to carry one at all.
? 1.3 User gets a custom Signature by the Judge. He is not allowed to change it. Alternatively, he may be forbidden to carry one at all.
? 1.4 User is be forced to use an ugly-as-hell skin. He is not allowed to change it.
? 1.5 User loses his right to use the search.
? 1.6 User loses his right to see the member-list and member profiles.
? 1.7 User loses his right to use the PM system. Alternatively, the max. amount of messages storable can be reduced.
? 1.8 User loses his right to post new threads.
? 1.9 User loses his right to post in his own threads.
? 1.10 User is restricted to his own threads.
? 1.11 User is temporarily restricted from posting.
? 1.12 All of the user's posts must be screened by a moderator first.
? 1.13 The user's post count is reduced.
? 1.14 Other, similar punishments may be applied.

2.0 Medium punishment - User is restricted to the Asylum
? 2.1 Imprisonment, temporary
? 2.2 Imprisonment, permanent

3.0 Hard Punishment - User is banned
? 3.1 Ban, temporary
? 3.2 Ban, permanent

In addition, further restrictions such as the ones under 1 may be applied after level 2 or 3 sentences were carried out.


Appendix I - Case File Opening Post Template
Thread should be named "Case #{case_number} - {user_name}"
[b]Case No.:[/b] {case_number}
[b]Subject Name:[/b] {user_name}
[b]Offense:[/b] {offenses}
[b]Evidence:[/b] {links to threads, pointers to attachments, other notes}

{initial statement of wtf happened, why this should be punished, etc.}

Appendix II - Warnings & Warn Levels
1 (one) Warning should be applied for each of the following offenses:
- For every 2 double posts.
- For every tripple post.
- For excessive excessive swearing.
- For excessive flaming.
- For posting in threads which have been dead for more than 4 days, unless the information posted is a valid addition to the thread.
- For disobeying moderators' orders.

Users are allowed to flame moderators as people within the normal boundaries, but as soon as they flame them because of their activities as moderators, they shall be put on trial. 'cause that's mutiny, and we won't accept that.

After repeated offenses, from the warn-actions,
- use Moderator Preview if you feel the user can make useful contributions, and just doesn't have himself under control (still warn as usual if he tries to post offensive content)
- use Post Restriction (not longer than 2 days) if the user does not contribute to anything
- and only use Suspension to take him out for a trial.

Appendix III - "There is no Admin."
If there is no user with access to the Admin Control Panel at hand, the trial shall be held without the defendant, however: After the 7-day-suspension, the user shall be left alone as if nothing had happened (he may be re-suspended if further offense occurs). After an admin returns, the defendant will be imprisoned and the case will be re-opened. The defendant may plead his case. All other non-Judges shut the hell up. The defendant's plead will be held against the previous Judge's sentence and reasoning, and the current Judge will decide whether to approve the previous Judge's sentence and convict the defendant, or dismiss the case. In order to have a different sentence than the previous Judge, the case must be dismissed and a new one, named "Case #{old_case_number}a - {user_name}" must be opened.
This is to make sure that defendants, since their case might actually be dismissed, cannot be banned for several weeks without even being able to plead their case.

Appendix IV - Crimes against the Community
If a user admits to carrying out crimes against a community (such as forgery, ripping, hacking or treason) or is convicted of such a crime at a different court, he is subject to a trial as soon as possible, or, if he is not registered here, immediately after he registers.