Forum Rules

Forum Rules

  1. I am Renegade and these are my forums. I pay for the web space, I pay for the domains, I have to deal with the host, I will be at the receiving end of legal issues.
    Therefore, I reserve myself the right of complete and unrestricted power over anything and everything happening in this realm.
    What I say, goes. No matter if you like it, no matter if you consider it necessary, no matter if it violates these rules.
  2. n00bs are fair game.
    In the history of the C&C community, all too often, the skillful, knowledgeable or eager community members had to live among an army of n00bs, trolls or other scum, either because they were abandoned by the administration, or because the administration favored inclusion over "grooming".
    RenProj does explicitly not consider the flaming of n00bs a rules violation.
    This is not an invitation to riot, and we expect our members to be as civil as possible — however, no member should be afraid to respond appropriately to a n00b for fear of repercussions.
    If you're being harassed, or someone is a general pain in the ass, you have every right to give him a piece of your mind.
  3. This is a community forum. "Community" includes any sex, any sexual preference, any religion, any nationality, any musical taste and whatever. Discussion is allowed. Discrimination is not.
    Bear in mind that the simple fact that you take offense in a given position does not automatically constitute discrimination; that goes especially for religious and political discussions. It's also a question of phrasing and notion — there is a distinct difference between "all Christians should be shot" and "I posit that, without the existence of Christianity, the general state of the world would be improved in the following ways: [...]", for example.
    A fitting quote by Colin Powell is:
    It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the policies of the state of Israel, but the line is crossed when Israel or its leaders are demonized or vilified, for example by the use of Nazi symbols and racist caricatures.
  4. In general, you may post any kind of content, as long as it's not disgusting or illegal and in the right forum. However, if necessary, the administration may take steps to ensure the forums don't deviate from their original purpose and core topics — we will not let them be turned into an image board, for example.

    If you intend to post content that may be unsuitable in certain situations, mark it accordingly. (For example with a "NSFW" or "[Careful: Not suitable for minors]".)
  5. Flaming and insulting are two different things. RenProj supports debate — there's no point in having a forum if you don't intend to discuss anything, after all.
    RenProj also acknowledges that some debates get more heated than others, that some people just have a thick skull, and that not every insult is automatically an ad hominem attack.
    Therefore, RenProj does not hand out bans or reprimands for every single insult, swear words, suggestions of retardation, or similar common occurrences in online group communications.

    However, as usual, there is a line. That line, as usual, is fuzzy, but the general criterion is the degree of discussion left in the post:
    If someone fundamentally still addresses the opponent's points, and just lets him know he thinks the opponent is an utter moron, that is acceptable — not encouraged, but it will not be punished. If, however, the post primarily seeks to disparage or insult the opponent, with little to no factual content, the poster has reached pure flaming territory and will have to face the consequences.
  6. Whoever has powers on these forums has got them for a reason. Obey their orders. Period.
  7. There is a cabal.
    Related to the point above is the fact that, while all community members are equal, some are more equal than others.
    That goes not just for Community Patrons and other "distinguished" community members, but also for people who have simply been here for a long time.
    Ideally, this is a friendly, peaceful, helpful and supportive place for debate and development — if a small group or even a single individual disturb the peace and continuously annoy the core group or majority of forum inhabitants, it won't matter if any rules were broken — for the sake of the community at large, they will be removed.
  8. Do not spam the forums. That does not just include obvious things such as Viagra sale suggestions or opening threads to promote your own site — it also includes such things as double-, triple- and other multipost, as well as the reopening of dead threads. If you don't have anything constructive or important to add to a thread that has been inactive for more than 3 days, don't post in it.
  9. All-Purpose Rule
    This rule covers anything and everything, every time and everywhere.
  10. Crimes against the community count as well.
    If we find you ripping, supporting ripping, offering ripped wares or performing similar anti-community actions, either here or anywhere else, you will be banned.

    People on the Community Blacklist may be banned immediately or even pre-emptively, depending on the reason for their blacklisting and their other contributions and reputation in the community.
It is strongly suggested that all members read this FAQ before starting to post.

Be advised that any or all of these rules may be changed unannounced at any time. It is the individual member's responsibility to ensure they are familiar with the current set of rules. Ignorantia legis non excusat.