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Full Version: Bugreport: Command line switches won't pass to Syringe
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In a nutshell, yes. Any command-line switch an user sets in Options/Game are read and applied only to ra2md.exe and not to Syringe.
Will look into this asap.
Running with max log level, you should see an entry in the log that reads "shelling command:", does that list the switches?

I can't reproduce it. It works now. I am sure it didn't work when I reported it. I am so sure that I even had to tell it on IRC to narfnin, IIRC.
We've had issues with Ares not receiving the very first command line switch from Syringe.. so I added a dummy switch "--" to my RunAres.bat:
Syringe "gamemd.exe" -- %*
So should I have Launch Base include that switch, like
....syringe.exe" -- -cd -mpdebug
That would be worth a shot, I think.