Forum Announcement: How To Not Sound Like A Moron When Posting
This is a post from Revora Forums, which I feel is mandatory for everyone to read. Kudos to the original poster, Crazy Carl.

Quote:English 101

Here are a few things that you may wish to read and refer to before having a discussion on an online message board, otherwise known as a forum.

First, some common words used in place of eachother:

Your - Possessive, as in "That was your stupid idea."
You're - Contraction for "You Are," as in "You're a moron."
Yore - Time long past, as in "The days of yore"

Their - Possessive, as in "Their son is stupider than they are."
They're - Contraction for "They Are," as in "They're all a bunch of idiots."
There - A place, as in "Go be an idiot over there."

Its - Possessive, as in "Its engine is broken because that idiot forgot to oil it"
It's - Contraction for "It Is," as in "It's smarter than its owner."

Won - Past tense of Win, as in "I won the award for the stupidest person of all time."
One - The number 1, which comes after 0 (zero) and before 2(two).

To - In a direction, as in "He went to the city for his brain surgery."
Two - The number 2, which comes after 1 (one) and before 3 (three)
Too - In addition or also, as in "He's a moron too." Also, more than needed or excessive, as in "You have too much stupidity."

Next we will go over the proper way to write a sentence.

Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with one of three punctuation marks. These marks are "." (period), "?" (question mark), and "!" (exclamation point).

A statement or a command should have a "." (period) at the end.

A question should have a "?" (question mark) at the end.

A powerful, yelling, forceful, or excited statement should have a "!" (exclamation point) at the end.

Now for a bit of etiquette.

Please refrain from the overuse of "lol," "wtf," "lmao," "lmfao," "omg," "omfg," "wth," or any varients of these.

Also refrain from the overuse of words such as "dude," "man," and others like these.

There is one rule that you must hold above all others in this guide, and it is this: "NEVER TYPE IN ALL CAPS, IT IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY DO, AND LOWERS YOUR PERCEIVED IQ LEVEL BY OVER 50 POINTS."