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Termination of Inactive Testers Strategem
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Termination of Inactive Testers Strategem
Greetings, everyone.
This is the point where I have to put on my purging gloves.

Following the decision last week to put Ares on a three month break due to a lack of testing activity all across the board, I am now carrying out a complete personnel review of the entire testing group.

Straight away, I can tell you that seven testers (AlliedG, Apollo, Black Shadow 750, Darkstorm, Gangster, sanedisruption and ZombyDragon) have been instantly cut from the list due to serial inactivity. One other tester has also willingly resigned due to inactivity.

The remaining twenty-one testers will all have their activity and willingness to continue testing personally confirmed by myself over the next two weeks.

Do not panic. Here's what you should do.

If you are a tester and wish to continue testing: When I PM you, tell me of this, and ensure that you once again be active in testing Ares. Otherwise you will be dropped.

If you are a tester and do not wish to continue testing: Let me know, and I will remove you from the list. Otherwise, you'll just be dropped at a later point for inactivity anyway.

If you are not a tester: Ares is on a three month development break, therefore version 0.2 will not be released before December. And even then, a release afterwards will be dependent on an increase in testing activity, unless you would rather have a return to the buggy times of NarfPatch.

If you would like to help: Active and dedicated testers are a necessity if 0.2 is to be released. We also have some other PR-related positions still open. If you have the time to spare, and know what you're doing, PM me.

The future of Ares (if there is to be any future at all), is contingent on fixing these problems. It is, as the old cliché says, in your hands.

Project Manager.

Ares Project Manager.
[Image: t3wbanner.png]
[Image: cncgsigsb_sml.png]
Open Ares positions: Documentation Maintainer, Active Testers.
PM if interested.
08.09.2011 21:09:57
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