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INI editor *0.4 tabbed
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Ares Tester Graion Dilach Offline
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RE: INI editor *0.4 tabbed
Sorry for late reply, but I didn't notice your edit. I think you can doublepost if there are days between the two. Especially if you update.

I like the tabs, my favorite Windows was 98, this reminds me of that one.

I guess I'll bug you with more feature requests. Alongside with that config file I mentioned, I realized that a button bar should be handy as well. Or at least a Save All button/function. Usually I set up the art and rules entries side by side.

Also a bug, the width of the sectionlist is hardcoded and if you narrow the window, you can hide the text area with it.

Still, this is much better progress then what I can do.
02.04.2011 02:19:33
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