The internet is a lawless place with knowledge and sarcastic wit the pistols of this wild frontier.
Don't go out without being sufficiently armed.


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Ares (Current version: 0.B)

Ares's primary facilities have been moved elsewhere:

  • If you wish to report a bug in Ares, please proceed to its bugtracker.
  • If you'd like to request a feature, register a blueprint.
  • If you have questions or can provide answers regarding Ares's usage, visit the Q&A section.
  • Before you post a new question, you should check the FAQ, though.


  • Mind the forum rules.
  • Due to its documentedly horrible quality, we do not offer NPatch support.

The Nine Commandments of NO MA'AM
Al Bundy with the sacred Nine Commandments of Ironhead Haynes

  1. It is okay to call hooters "knockers" and sometimes "snack trays"!
  2. It is wrong to be French!
  3. It is okay to put all bad people in a giant meat grinder!
  4. Lawyers: see rule three!
  5. It is okay to drive a gas guzzler if it helps you get babes!
  6. Everyone should car pool but me!
  7. Bring back the word "stewardesses"!
  8. Synchronized Swimming is not a sport!
  9. Mudwrestling is a sport!