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Full Version: Happy Birthday DCoder!
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Happy Birthday

And next time, don't leave me sitting there clueless for hours Tongue
happy BDay D
Props! All the best.
Thanks all Tongue
Happy Birthday DC!
At least you gave me the nudge right away this year Big Grin 2

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday
[Image: 639355752_86251cd5cc.jpg]
Happy birthday Tongue
happy birthday Oops i didn't realise it was yesterday, otherwise I'd have said it on IRC last night
Thanks, guys. Smile
Ah crap! Happy belated! I usually don't pay any attention to these things..

But on a side note, it's VK's B-day today! Harah! Woo-woo!
Quote:But on a side note, it's VK's B-day today! Harah! Woo-woo!
Forgive me if I don't summon the marching band...

Edit: without the quote, it looked like I was insulting DCoder, which I'm not.
Awesomesocks. Happy belated.
Somebody hacked D's exe and increased his age counter Eek
Happy Birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!
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