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Moving On
Update time!

It's about time Beta 6 was over, so I now declare so. And that was the last Beta. Yes, there are no more Betas, only a couple of one-on-one sessions of online testing between me and my most trusted testers.

Of course, this means only one thing: the actual mod is finished Big Grin All that remains is the meaty documentation that will help everyone enjoy the mod more... and the download package. I'm giving serious thought to a simple .zip file containing the .exe mod/documentation launcher and a quick-start text file. The mod itself stands at 10MB.

I'll also need to update the site's info pages for the various new units and structures for all sides... expect this to happen in the near future. Before Christmas sounds good Tongue

I wish to take this oppourtunity to thank all the Beta testers for their testing, it's been great and really helped improve the mod. The Whiteboy's Rules Test Lab Forum is no longer password protected (but can only be viewed by registered members). Anyone wishing to see changes made since the Beta can wander HERE.

In other news, I've decided to trial a new site theme for a while... please be obliged to give comments about this, it'd be appreciated Smile

Now then, on with the largest documentation file for any C&C mod ever made... wish me luck, and in the meantime you can have fun at the new Gaming Forums Wink


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