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im BACK! are you? - kurnis - 23.06.2012

so i thought id start another thread...

to let you know my friends and i are STILL very interested in the next purple alert version.

i understand if it will never arrive. i mean, its been years, lol. but hope springs eternal, so...whats going on??

if no one responds to this, or even reads it, thats cool. ill know that i at last tried to get in touch with the creator of one of the coolest mods one last time.

good luck in your endeavors and godspeed.

RE: im BACK! are you? - DCoder - 23.06.2012

It doesn't look as though Marshall has visited lately...

RE: im BACK! are you? - Marshall - 03.07.2012

Indeed. I do apologise for my absentness. Sadly real life has taken its toll. I'm getting married in 3 weeks and have just acquired a dog and a house + work in London is... frantic.

A polished final PA version seems a little way off. Right now I haven't got time to even package up the wip version.

Let me get back from honeymoon and I'll see what I can do...

PS. For some reason I'm not getting new thread notifications for this forum, and haven't been checking in as often as I'd like!

RE: im BACK! are you? - kurnis - 05.05.2013

im baaaaaack!

hope the wedding/honeymoon/dog/probably had kids by now and they are in college/your retirement has all gone smoothly!!

As a great way to stay in touch, my dad sister and myself love to play video games together...and you wont believe it but they recently asked me about whether the new purple alert was out.

So how have things been going?

RE: im BACK! are you? - Marshall - 05.05.2013

Oh my, my loyal follower still checking in!

I'll tell you what I can offer you:

You'll need to create a folder in your Launch Base mods directory named e.g. Dev_purple
and unpack the 7zip file there. Then you should be able to run the latest version through LB.
This is as far as I got with PA8 before throwing in the modding towel.
Hopefully it is playable. I think this version uses Ares.

Feel free to use the resources and notes contained within to finish it off or create your own mod based on PA.

RE: im BACK! are you? - kurnis - 06.05.2013

wow i dont believe it!

I will sacrifice 50 bulls in honor of this event!

but seriously, thanks a bunch and Ill let you know how it goes Big Grin