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Launch Base FA2+TX crash - Nickotte - 20.04.2011

When I enable the checkbox "integrate TX with this FA2 mod" and launch FA2 I get this error report:

[Image: screenshot200420111657.png]

And then it crashes.

The FA2 version is Final Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge 1.02
This is what the LB log says:

log Wrote:2011-04-20 16:41:54 Internal Error! Impossibile trovare il percorso
Error: 76
Description: Impossibile trovare il percorso
Return stack:
frmMain.ActivateMod_ActivateFile(expand06.mix, C:\Westwood\RA2\LaunchBase\Mods\Terrain Expansion 202a\fa2files\video\expandmd06.mix, 3, 9, 11546624, Falso, Falso, -1)
2011-04-20 16:45:48 Program terminating.

I can't find any except.txt file

RE: Launch Base FA2+TX crash - Marshall - 20.04.2011

translation: 'Cannot find the path'
From the return stack, I guess the RA2 path is missing. Probably my fault, will look into this asap.

RE: Launch Base FA2+TX crash - Marshall - 25.04.2011

Version 0.99.270 has been released, which fixes this bug.

RE: Launch Base FA2+TX crash - Nickotte - 25.04.2011

Thank you! It works perfectly! Smile