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RE: RockPatch -> Ares Migration Assistance - Dubzac - 02.01.2010

Because no-one needs a converter... what i'm saying is documentation on the relative tags that have the same function as older RP and Npatch IF/And/OR any of the same functions and what is not there. that is all beowulf.

RE: RockPatch -> Ares Migration Assistance - Renegade - 02.01.2010

Dubzac, how about you just shut the fuck up?
You have obviously no idea what's going on, no idea what you're talking about, no idea where you're talking about what, no idea what you should talk about, and no idea of anything, really.

You use NPatch. That was your decision. Not ours. If you want to move to Ares, that'll be your problem to fix. If you don't want to move to Ares, fuck off and stop spamming my forum with incoherent bullshit.

NPatch does not get official migration support. How hard is that to understand, really?