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As both Launch Base and LB Mod Creator are essentially finished and just waiting on DCoder's upcoming DLL, I thought it was about time that there was a thread for the Mod Creator. After all, Launch Base is nothing without some mods, plugins and tools to go with it, so the developers of the community will need to familiarise themselves with the Mod Creator.

I will answer questions on the Mod Creator in this thread and post any pre-release news.

Attached to this post are some screenshots of how the Mod Creator looks at the moment.

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Looks good Smile
This may be a rather stupid question, but what's MixScramble? Is it an improved LeechKiller protection?
AFAIK, its a mix file without "XCC's magic indexing file" because DCoder figured out a way to read the file without it. when you protect your mix, it is possible to generate a "Key file" while allows you to edit it, but not anyone else(since they have no keyfile.). i presume this keyfile is simular to the XCC Magic Indexing file, which is why its spacific for your mix file, but is only used for protection purposes.
While we are on the subject, I have to again apologise for being late with it.
One last question. Should there be a "side 4" category for RP's sidec04.mix? Or do those files go into "side 3" or one of the other categories? I've been having this same problem with XCC Mod Creator.
I personally believe a "side04" should be implemented, because of the fact that more people might see it plausible to use a 4th side, since it'd be shown support.
I had assumed people would just include such a side 4 mix file in the video section, but I could add a side 4 section if people want it so that authors wouldn't have to create the mix themselves. I would need to find out the RP details of what the mix file should be called and where it should be installed to.
Presumably sidec04.mix and placed inside expandmd98.mix?
sidec04.mix seems essential...
Quote:no crew, Yuri GUI, Yuri EVA, you need to make a new Sidec04.mix to prevent IE, you need to write an AI to prevent an IE(you need units first, See section 3.) Most of this is covered in this section.

^ That is from Bobing's tutorial about 4th side addition...

Quote:Presumably sidec04.mix and placed inside expandmd98.mix?

This, I'm not sure of. Bobing might know, it'd be best to ask him about all of this.
I've just thought of something else - users need to be able to specify whether or not "side 3" files should be added to sidec02md.mix or a new sidec03.mix... Launch Base itself will need to know about this too.
sidec*.mix files do work in Expand*.mix files, but not in ecache.

as for yuri files in 02md or 03, well, that depends if you are using RP and the 3rdGUI option. if you arn't using RP, if you are using RP and the 3rd GUI, all 3rd gui files must be placed within the same 3rd GUI mix. if you arn't using RP, or arn't using 3rd GUI options, they muct be placed in 02md.

IMPORTANT NOTE, if you are replacing a sidec*.mix, all the required files for the GUI MUST be in this mix files. if you want to replace a single file, or maybe a couple, use the MD overide version, however, since for soviets this is already used by the Yuri GUI, you must also use include all the yuri stuff, unless you use the RP seperate sidec03.mix. its complex i know...
LB/LBMC will work like this:
Side 1 files will replace files in the original sidec01.mix (which is extracted from the game first).
Side 2 files will replace files in the original sidec02.mix
Side 3 files will either replace files in the original sidec02md.mix, or be added to a brand new sidec03.mix (depending on another option that the author can set in LBMC)
Side 4 files will be added to a brand new sidec04.mix
Once this is done, all the sidec*.mix files will then be inserted into expandmd98.mix

See attached for a new screenshot of the Files tab.
Nice Smile. That was quick.
Well it will still need thorough testing. Bear in mind that the code for writing the mix files is only pseudo-code at the moment - I need DCoder's dll before I can finalise it.
Can we have an override to set what number the expandmd##.mix file gets numbered?
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