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Full Version: PS2!
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( Ain't no stoppin me now y'all, i'm on fire!!!......literally!!!T3h l33t!! ) Sony came out of the blues but are continuing to impress me and other gamers around the world with the Ps1, 2 and 3 And The Ps2's great games like Kingdom Hearts 2 etc...Now we discuss more about the PS2's we wait for the PS3.( For those of you who won't be buying a Wii )
i doubt i'll buy any of the new generation of consoles, i don't have the kind of space required to play the wii.

anyway, 1 of my favorite games on the PS2 was Star Ocean. it's an RPG, but combines elements from all over the place. the most interesting feature is that the turn based battle system of a final fantasy game is replaced with a real time battle area system from a game such as tekan, or, whatever. TBH, i've not actually played the game in a while, last game i played on the PS2 was last christmas when i got resident evil 4. I'm kinda a PC guy, so, rarely play consoles, hence why i doubt i'll buy 1.
Hmmm. Star Ocean 3 eh. The battle system was not "real time" enought for me... and not turn based enough either. If you see what I mean. I either like FF style, or.. the *AWESOME* Kingdom Hearts 2 style (KH2 is 99% realtime, yet has a menu as well that you can use for speficic attacks.. still in realtime).

The Wii will actually require the least space than the 360 and PS3 Bob... I think I dsaid before, you don't need to wave your arms around to paly it liek the videos show. You need only make small movements - Nintendo catered for both styles. The Wii itself is also the smallest console - only 3 DVDs stacked together in size. The other have a massive power brick for a start...
I am so glad I have one of these cause I'm having a blasty blast with Tenkaichi 2. Tongue