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And now.....The forum you might have been waiting for.....The Gamecube! Yet, ANOTHER of Nintendo's great sucess's gripping us, knocking us out and throwing us into a coma with MORE great games like Metroid Prime, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Paper Mario 2 ( As discussed in 'Nintendo 64' forum ) Now we talk about its awesomeness...ness......While we wait with open arms for the Nintendo WiiNot worthy
Eternal Darkness seriously needs a Wii sequel. It was a really unique game. That sanity system... *shudders* the story was genuinely intriging as well. Couldn't stop playing it. Shame the studio that made the game (Silicon Knights) are no longer a second party to Nintendo...
The Cube died for me... there haven't been enough really GREAT titles for it lately. Yeah, I've got 2 stacks of games on my shelf but progression has slowed considerably. >_>

The only game I really play enough is Smash Bros Melee.
The Gamecube Games I just bought for my Wii are:

"The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition" To save me from buying Wii points and getting the Wii back catalouge games! Cheaper this way too!

"Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness" For Lugia! Tongue

And hoping to win in an auction: "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door", you have no idea how hard it is to get this game!
It's worth every second Big Grin

So is Eternal Darkness. Just make sure you can take a freaky, mature plot. It's very engaging. The Magick system rocks, you make your own incantations and when they are cast you hear these great Godlike voices whispering/chanting stuff like TIER, PARGON, ARATAK, PARGON, PARGON, XELO'TATH, PARGON (that by the way, translates to summon, power, monster, power, power, Xelo'tath, power - which is the spell to summon a creature by the power of the mind goddess, Xelo'tath).

Yes, this game's deep.

Of course, then there's Resident Evil 4, but the Wii one is best. RE4 are ED are VERY different games. RE4 can be described as action/survival horror, but ED is more like adventure/action horror. ED's story is fantastic and unique and is so, so clever. RE4's story is a.... "well who gives a damn, just blow their heads off!" sorta story.

Hmm, yeah.