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Full Version: Loading Screen
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Hey all, I'm making a new game loading screen, and I need some input.

[Image: LoadingScreen1.jpg]


[Image: LoadingScreen2.jpg]

Vote away!

I'll also show you the current loading screen, tell me if you prefer this one (the poll itself is just between the new ones (as was my intention).

[Image: LoadingScreen3.jpg]

Keep in mind that these are all low quality JPGs... the actual image for the loading screen will be of higher quality Wink
I prefer the current one ^_^ .
I like the top most picture myself. In the second one that watery, blurry effect takes away from it and is less noticeable.

The current one to me just looks overused (the matrix effect in the bg)...but that is all my opinion.
Yeh the 2nd one is flater and doesn't show the whole inage.


I like the top one too, the water effect is a neat idea, but like the others said the end result just doesn't look very good.
I told you so LOL
The top one. It looks much better (the current one is overused, as many mods have that specific observer screen as a base).


First one is sweet.
I won't play your mod if you dont use the first one Tongue


I prefer the current one, but if you want one of the new ones then it would have to be the top one
the first one is better. the second one is also nice and the current one.....well, i kinda not like it Tongue

my vote is the first one!
Things to do:

1: Use top one as game loading screen

2: Cry because I spent ages on the second one

3: Assasinate DCoder

Hi whiteboy. Nice loading screen. It is bad to assasinate people. psst pm me the details... :suspect:
Ooook, the loading screen's now implemented. One step closer to releasing the mod Wink