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Full Version: we don't need "ImmuneToBounty="
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Bounty logic

"ImmuneToBounty=" is not necessary!

if Bounty.Modifier= or Bounty.FriendlyModifier= is a nonzero,then you set ImmuneToBounty=yes,you still can grant money.

ImmuneToBounty= defaults to no.
Bounty.Modifier= defaults to 0,Bounty.FriendlyModifier= defaults to 0.

so i think that we don't need ImmuneToBounty=.
You don't even have ImmuneToBounty.
can you tell me how to use it?
Use what? Bounty?

Read the doc, it's good for you.
i want to know how to make "ImmuneToBounty=" to work!


but mtnk still can obtain money!

maybe we also need some others codes

There is no ImmuneToBounty. You said it in your first post in this topic, that one can use Bounty.(Friendly)Modifiers to make them immune to Bounty.

I tell you. That's exactly the reason why ImmuneToBounty ain't there 'anymore' as in since summer 2012.