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Full Version: Questions about Ares
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I will eventually switch from NPatch to ares.
I have several questions.
Are now 16 countries or 32 playable?

The limit of 16 applies only for the taunt.wav or there are other reasons?

What do I enter for the AI triggers?
I must give always the country or can I use also <all>as in this example for a new side?
Here in this example is the side 1 for allies.
The numbers continue for new sides easily?
so 1,2,3 for the original sides and new 4, 5 and so on

0CAD0B2C-G=Allied Base guard - Adv,0CE4CA3C-G,<all>,8,1,GATECH,0100000003000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,40.000000,10.000000,70.000000,1,0,1,0,<none>,0,1,1

What eva sound is played to the new page?
How is it adjusted?
Text=Beacon detected.
Priority= NORMAL

With the Npatch to make it so.
I have found nothing in the documentation.

original entry in rulesmd: PrerequisiteProcAlternate=SMIN
Here, you can make only one valid entry in the original and NPatch.
For multiple entries, only one entry is used correctly.
Has that been improved in Ares?

Thank you

oder in deutsch
ich will eventuell von NPatch zu Ares wechseln.
Ich habe aber mehrere Fragen.
Sind nun 16 Länder oder 32 spielbar?

Trift das Limit 16 nur für die taunt.wav zu oder hat es noch andere Gründe?

Was gebe ich bei den AI-Triggern an?
Muss ich immer das Land eingeben oder kann ich wie in diesem Beispiel auch <all> für eine neue Seite verwenden?
Hier in diesem Beispiel ist die Seite 1 für Alliierte.
Werden für neue Seiten die Zahlen einfach fortgesetzt?
also 1,2,3 für die originalen Seiten und neu 4,5 und so weiter

0CAD0B2C-G=Allied Base guard - Adv,0CE4CA3C-G,<all>,8,1,GATECH,0100000003000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,40.000000,10.000000,70.000000,1,0,1,0,<none>,0,1,1

Welche eva wird für die neue Seite abgespielt?
Wie wird es eingestellt?

Text=Beacon detected.
Priority= NORMAL

In Npatch war ist es so
Ich habe in der Dokumentation nichts gefunden.

originaler Eintrag in rulesmd: PrerequisiteProcAlternate=SMIN
Hier kann man im Original und in NPatch nur einen gültigen Eintrag machen.
Bei mehreren Einträgen wird nur ein Eintrag beachtet.
Ist das in Ares verbessert worden?


Countries: 32 countries are playable but only the first 16 will have taunts. There are no other reasons. 32 countries is the max for alliance-handling.

AI triggers: You said it already. 4, 5, 6 and so on for new sides.

EVA: no new EVAs atm, when EVA.Tag is ready, you specify that in EVA.Tag. So if you still would call your new side Fourth in evamd, then EVA.Tag=Fourth. This was already in the documentation since 0.1. OTOH, yea, it's quite messy atm.

EDIT: ProcAlternative: Nothing changed there.
Thanks for the quick reply
Transition from NPatch Ares is not easy.
I test and still am considering.

In my modification I made super weapons of para drops for each country of the 4 page. Npatch there is so that for each unit type is a plane.
Here only as an example. (is not so in the modification)
Here comes with 4 aircraft. I want more than one aircraft.
This is good, if a plane is shot down.

with Ares I did so. That is probably not so intended.
I would like to that comes the battle group with several aircraft. But I want only a Boris!
= 1 BORIS, 8 E2, 2 HTNK, 2 HTK
Now there comes the troop by 3 airplanes. Does the also different function? The problem is the ParaDrop.Count = means the troops so often are delivered.
Am I doing something wrong?
Yes, you are not reading the manual.
You get the first defined plane twice, because you set ParaDrop.Count=3 and only defined the contents of plane 1 and 2. Undefined planes default to the first plane. Setting ParaDrop.Count=2 will fix this, though it will send only two planes.

I'm not sure whether I got it right this way: This example sends three planes, each containing only one unit type:

ParaDrop.Count=3 ; default number of planes (see below for the Russians example)
ParaDrop.Types=E2 ; first plane, all sides

ParaDrop.Plane2.Types=HTK ; second plane, all sides. uses same aircraft as first plane

ParaDrop.Plane3.Types=HTNK ; third plane, all sides. uses same aircraft as first plane

If you only want a Boris to be sent for the Russians, leaving all other planes as they are:

ParaDrop.Russians.Count=4 ; sent four instead of 3 for the Russians

Hope this helps.