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Buildable Ore Drill - MustaphaTR - 11.11.2014 16:02:15

I wanna add a Yuri Ore Drill for my mod. Is it possible to do or can you add at next version of Ares.dll.

RE: Buildable Ore Drill - AlexB - 11.11.2014 17:31:21

That should be possible already. Just try it. You should not get any ProduceCashStartup, but the two other tags should work.

edit: Sorry, I read that as Oil Drill. Thanks to DCoder for pointing this out!

Indeed, that's not possible at the moment. There are requests to allow some customizations like allowing terrain objects to spawn any type of Tiberium, but I'm sure this will not be in 0.9.

RE: Buildable Ore Drill - Black Temple Gaurdian - 11.09.2016 22:04:07

It's currently possible with workarounds, a quick google will probably find what you want.