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Launch Base 0.99.255 - Marshall - 08.06.2010 21:49:36

Versions 0.99.253 - 0.99.255 [2010-06-08]
  • Mod website hyperlink on Check For Updates form was non-functional.
  • Ares update check mechanism has been rewritten to reduce the amount of information that Launch Base needs in advance of connecting to the Renegade Projects' server.
  • New menu option 'Ares > Ares Update Options'. All Ares update settings are controlled from here now.
  • Ares branches are now picked up automatically from the server (as opposed to the 2 previously hard-coded branches, "stable" and "unstable").
  • Corrected a spelling mistake in a log file entry.
  • Updated help topics.
  • Added 'Capture Ares Debug Files' option to have Launch Base move debug files to it's own Logs directory.
  • Option to access Debug folder moved from Options form to Ares menu.
  • Fixed problem with main Launch Base window sometimes not being in the foreground after an Ares update.
  • "subtitle.txt" and "subtitlemd.txt" are now accepted for activation when placed in the video folder of a mod.
  • Fixed bug where a mod that tried to include it's own DLL and INJ would fail because the INJ was never activated.
  • Fixed bug where a mod could try to include the official Ares DLL and it's own version, thus causing an error message.

Get it here!

RE: Launch Base 0.99.255 - Renegade - 08.06.2010 21:57:44

Big Grin Looks like a great update!

RE: Launch Base 0.99.255 - Guest - 02.04.2011 04:36:31

K well i cant seem to get this working at all there is not a option on my Launch Base for ares
Got it working

RE: Launch Base 0.99.255 - Marshall - 03.04.2011 17:34:25

Probably because you aren't running in Advanced Mode (Tools > Options). You don't need to run in Advanced Mode in order for Launch Base to download and launch Ares - it's all automatic.

But this isn't really the thread to post problems - start a new one if necessary. However, if you are running version 255 then you should update to the latest.