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Full Version: The few...the proud...the MOs [aka. Ares development on hold]
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Let's start this thread with something positive: Ever since my announcement of a potential break, Graion Dilach, Speeder and a few others from the Mental Omega camp have been trying their best to help, test and overall support us as much as they could with their own development.

Unfortunately (but not entirely unexpectedly), that's about the only testing activity we got. And while we value our fellow MO users' help and participation, we cannot rely on them alone to be responsible for the thorough testing of the products of half a dozen merges and the RCs.

Since this lack of testing power means we are likely looking at several additional months of development, we will take this opportune moment in development to take a break from it all, to relax and recharge for the final run.

Official Ares development will resume on December 1st.

On a personal note, I would also like to say that this outcome has cemented my impression that the community at large does not care about Ares, and that the time and work required by it are better invested elsewhere.

I know there is a handful of people that does care, and I am sorry they have to suffer from the majority's apathy, but I'm sure they, too, seeing situations like this, understand the feeling of pointlessness one can get from Ares development.

I cannot and will not speak for the others, but, personally, I will focus on other projects after 0.2 is released.
how come I am not on that list?
Oh I forgot, I must report to you every single time i test something.
That's kinda the point. If you test in the forest and no one hears it, what does your test mean? Fuck all, IMO.
(02.09.2011 02:07:43)¥R M0dd€r Wrote: [ -> ]how come I am not on that list?
Oh I forgot, I must report to you every single time i test something.
It might just be that kind of attitude.
Yeah, that's not a good attitude to have.
And you don't really need to report to Renegade every time, you just need to make a note that things are working/broken.

Oh well, enjoy your holiday, devs Smile
Not to suddenly appear a day late, but I'm suddenly appearing a day late.

I'll jump back on testing Ares as a main focus of my mod's continued development. I've implemented some new features in 0.2 but I haven't seen Ares-related bugs or crashes in forever. I'll be a bit more active, and I'll work to help confirm the status as of many bugs and issues as possible. Even if there's a 3 month development holiday, I can still make my contributions while I can.

I also won't guarantee that I'll be around after the 3 month period. Real life has a way of working me to death.
hahaha Renegade, you are a bigger fanatic than you ever was before


Hey hey now, people care about Ares development, many don't have the skill/attention span to help is all. And rather than having time wasted on the rabble, aren't you glad you have those few quality testers left? Tongue

Honestly, while I was testing at first, I could never figure out the bugtracker and how to find the major problems that needed to be tested. And I asked a few times, without answers. And now, I just don't have said time to mod anything, nevermind be a good tester. I feel like there's plenty more in the same situation.

The drama does get annoying though, why don't you just make a donation button?
Above post was me Unhappy
There isn't a donation button because this project has only one cost associated with it-- time.

And currently, time isn't a resource that is particularly abundant for any of us, coders and testers alike... hence the virtually complete stoppage of both work and testing on this project.
What you forget is, Time == Money, and Money buys more Time. If you already had the money, would you spend the time to make more? No, of course not, except for that greedy bastard over there.

Anyways, more people = progress. Topic in a nutshell.
I'd like to confirm EMP as working, except I haven't delved to deeply into it. I can say that with 1.0 cellspread emp would be spherical which, whislt making sense was OP, allowing for instanta-kill AA.

I only recently got back into RA2 after a looong (and boy do I mean long) string of computer crashes during which I eventually gave up anything that required large time investment. I'd like to say I'm back, but with Uni coming up I can't. Still, perhaps if testers were assigned specific features to test rather than a free-for-all it might encourage them to test thouroughly as any mistakes would be there responsibility.

EDIT: Just realised how old this topic is. Still, my points stand.
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